Excitement continues to build further at the World Cup Qatar 2022 as final group games begin for the extravaganza that kicked off a week ago bringing expectation to the commence of the long-awaited tournament.

Football in Kenya is unequivocally the number one sport, and the corporate world is paying great attention to this and making efforts to ensure that the FIFA World Cup has this feeling locally. For instance, many corporates here in Nairobi intend to plan and organize fan-fests and open tents where people can view the games. Equity Bank for one, will be sponsoring the screening of the Matches on KBC television.

Entertainment hubs, especially hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, etc. are expected to be full to capacity as football fans come together to follow their favorite team’s performance in the tournament. Therefore, there is an expected spike in the number of transactions that businesses will make, ranging from food vendors, beverage vendors, ticket salesmen, the service industry etc. Given the gradual adoption of digital mobile payments in Kenya, it is anticipated that most of the transactions that will take place will be cashless.

To enable cashless payment Equity Bank has embarked on a sensitization campaign to inform businesses and consumers on how to easily receive and make payments digitally.

The One Equity Till Number popularly known as Pay with Equity is a digital payment solution that allows you to receive payments from customers using Mpesa, Airtel Money, PesaLink –other banks, Equitel, and Equity Mobile App. The platform makes it easy and convenient for both small and large businesses, to collect all their payments directly into their bank account without having to do several transfers from mobile wallets to bank account. Moreover, you can access the money instantly at no charge with the solution having no limit to the amount of money you can receive. The One Equity Till Number is available to both Equity and non- Equity customers. As a business person you can visit your nearest branch to sign up for free and there are no commissions charged.

According to a survey by VISA this year, 56% of Kenyan businesses prefer to use mobile wallets. The study also highlighted that high usage of digital payments in Kenya was concentrated in food, entertainment, tours and accommodation, agriculture, transport and delivery, and professional services sectors of the economy. It added that 69 % of Kenyan businesses said digital payments (mobile money transfer, card payment, contactless cards,
and bank transfer) have positively impacted their business, as they can easily track expenses and revenues, enabling fast transactions and cutting on errors in change. The adoption of mobile money payments in Kenya has been rising following the Central Bank’s push for the service in recent times.

In the same breath Equity Bank offers its customers Visa & MasterCard Debit Cards. The debit cards offer you a fast and secure way of transacting and paying for goods and services. To get a Visa or MasterCard Debit Card simply visit any Branch and get your Equity Card instantly. Having one allows you to make an easy purchase at outlets such as supermarkets, restaurants and petrol stations. Equity’s Visa & MasterCard branded cards
are internationally accepted for purchases at shops or outlets, as well as for cash withdrawal at ATMs that accept Visa. Additionally, you can withdraw money from ATMs and Point of Sale machines. To make it even better, now you can also TAP to Pay with your Equity Card

Similarly, Equity Bank offers customers Credit cards that allow you make payments for products and services smooth and seamless and pay later. Equity Bank is the exclusive issuer and acquirer for American Express in Kenya. You can get your Equity Bank American Express® Gold Card or Equity Bank American Express® Green Card at any Equity Bank Branch in Kenya or Apply Here: to enjoy a convenient cashless experience coupled with rewards & benefits. Additionally, American Express cardholders can make payments at any Equity Bank point of sale terminal across the country.

In order to be in line with the digital banking surge. Equity bank provides its customers with the all-new Equity Mobile App that replaces the old EazzyBanking App. The app is simple and easy to use and offers you a new-age digital user experience. It enables you access to your funds, build your savings, get instant loans, facilitate efficient funds transfer, bill payments to pay for goods and services and much more. You can also link your PayPal Account using the new Equity Mobile App and enjoy 24hrs withdrawal service of your PayPal funds.

To get the app simply download the Equity Mobile Application from Play store or App store and follow the simple prompts to complete your registration Play Store: for Android users or App Store:  for IOS users.

Additionally, the bank offers a USSD solution that is accessible through a short code *247 #. It is now available through all Telcos in the country (Safaricom, Equitel, Airtel & Telkom).

The USSD solution enables customers with any mobile device, gain access to financial services regardless of the device make or sophistication. You can self on board the service by simply dialing *247# and following the prompts.

Banking on this, it is safe to say that paying cashless this season is the most- convenient and efficient way to go.