HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) showcased a range of innovations at the MWC 2022 that was hosted in Barcelona, Spain from 28 February to 3 March. They included a range of innovative tools, capabilities, and experiences through HMS Core, HMS Apps, and Five HMS basic service engines, as well as the latest hardware innovations.

Huawei announced new innovations that included HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for PC, AI Search for PC, AppGallery for PC, HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY for PC, Petal Search enhanced for AR Glasses, and HUAWEI Vision’s Somatosensory Game mode. They also launched other innovations that included HMS for PC powering the Smart Office experience, HUAWEI Ads, HMS Core Kits, Petal Search, Petal Maps, and more.

At MWC 2022, Huawei introduced the latest hardware, as well as several new smart solutions focused on Smart Office capabilities. This included the launch of the latest flagship HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2022, and as part of HMS for PC, PC versions of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, AI Search, AppGallery and HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for PC, available in 20+ countries and regions, enables cross-device and live-sync capabilities to users through a single login using HUAWEI ID. It has features such as the card-based design and real-time data synchronisation across devices, users are able to quickly search and access recent files folders and even URL links. The secure storage capabilities use device-side and transmission encryption to ensure data security and integrity, ensuring only users have access to the data with the right credentials.

With HMS for PC, services such as AppGallery is now available on PC. Powered by HUAWEI Mobile Application Engine, and now available in Asia Pacific, Pakistan, Spain and Italy, PC users can now download mobile applications onto laptops through the AppGallery PC version.

AI Search enables users to browse local or network files with new-found precision and efficiency across devices through PC Manager on the HUAWEI MateBook Series. This enables users to quickly find files on devices, such as PC’s and connected phones. Intelligently displaying the search results by category, users can select the content they need at a glance.

HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY lets users sync information across multiple devices. This smart assistant can also be used to access real-time information with customised recommendations, such as content from your favourite media outlet anywhere in the world, bringing improved efficiency across devices.

The cross-device experience is set to expand further with the launch of the Huawei’s first e-ink tablet, HUAWEI MatePad Paper, with over 2 million diverse selections from leading content partners and publishers available through HUAWEI Books as part of HMS Ecosystem’s cross-platform experience.

Petal Search brings search to the next level with the showcase of AR search through the AR Glasses, developed by industry partners and showcased for the very first time to conference attendees. With the AR Glasses, users are able to search for information through a combination of multimodal search capabilities, including visual, voice, and real-time translation with Petal Search. Petal Search enhances the search experience with Nearby Life services, enabling users to quickly browse top locations and services within their vicinity, such as restaurants, shops, and services, as well book flights and hotels, all within the platform for maximum convenience.

Petal Maps showcases the use of mobile phone hardware and intelligent algorithms to build accurate positioning capabilities, provides consumers with a premium, innovative navigation experience. With a full range of features and visuals, such as precise indoor and outdoor positioning, 3D architecture, Lane Guidance, Offline Maps, as well as multi-screen collaboration between users’ smartphones and watches, Petal Maps provides consumers with a premium, innovative navigation experience. At the same time, Petal Maps Platform helps developers and businesses worldwide achieve commercial success by opening up its capabilities as well.

HUAWEI Mobile Services is part of Huawei Consumer Business Group which aims to provide a complete mobile experience to users globally. Services include Mobile Cloud, AppGallery, Video, Themes, Screen Magazine and more. As of 31st December 2021, HUAWEI Mobile Services covers 730 million users in over 170 countries, enabling smart living for every Huawei device user.