Instagram has extended its remix feature for videos to enable users on the platform to remix all video content. This is in addition to Instagram Reels, giving people new ways to showcase their creativity, collaborate, and have the ability to reach new audiences on the platform.

Similar to Remix for Reels, users will have access to a variety of creative tools for remixing other videos. This includes Collaborations, Voiceover, Effects and Audio Tools. Videos published on Instagram prior to this update are however not eligible for remix.

How to use the videos Remix feature on Instagram

  1. Choose a public Instagram video.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Remix this video.
  4. Record your answer or upload from camera roll.
  5. A remix of an Instagram video will be visible anywhere you share Reels.

In addition to the new Remix feature, Instagram will allow people to highlight information such as the topic, date and time of a scheduled Live on their profiles. With the feature turned on, it will be easier for fans and followers to view and sign up for reminders of scheduled Lives from their favorite creators.

Currently, only the scheduled Live closest to the broadcast will be displayed on the profile. The tool will also eliminate the need to include a feed post with scheduled Lives. This is however still possible if the user wants to.