The Ministry of Energy has announced a 15% reduction in power tariffs. The announcement was made via the Kenya Gazette of 7th January, 2022 notice, covering the period from January 2022 to December 2022. The reduction will commence in reflecting bills covering the December 2021 period.

The tariff reduction follows President Uhuru Kenyatta’s commitment to the nation on Jamhuri day 2021. The President promised Kenyans that the first tranche of 15% reduction in the cost of power will be reflected in bills covering the end year of 2021. The reduction in power costs will boost livelihoods and economic growth by reducing the cost of living. Kenyans can expect to earn more and spend less on electricity bills, reducing the cost of doing business.

The Ministry of Energy has further reiterated its commitment to ensure that the next 15% tranche is effected in this quarter as promised. The Ministry has also committed to ensure all measures that deliver on its mandate of providing affordable and accessible energy to power our growth and development. The Ministry has also assured Kenyans that the ongoing reforms in the energy sector are irreversible.