Huawei has launched the IdeaHub Board Edu, a new model from its intelligent collaboration product series. The product is designed to support the digitalization of education and office functions.

It features a various upgraded functions including a smart whiteboard and wireless projection to ease the transition from offline to online collaboration.

The Huawei IdeaHub Board series also plays an important role in facilitating digital education. It meets institutions’ needs to create digital and collaborative classrooms, and offer hybrid learning. The 4K interactive screen provides users with rich visual experience of high definition and real colors.

At the launch, members of Huawei’s intelligent collaboration team also shared examples of the upgraded user experience. New software updates enable users to easily share or take away whiteboard content by scanning a QR code and locking the large screen when needed.

The members also highlighted the IdeaHub controller, a tool that allows users to remotely and freely control camera, microphones, and speakers without walking to the large screen.

Speaking at the launch, Pan Yong, Vice President of the Huawei Enterprise Business group said, “In most organizations, key decisions and big ideas are made and generated in meetings. The Huawei IdeaHub series was designed with this in mind, enabling organizations to quickly build a digital collaboration center and maintain effective connection with teams spread across various locations.”

The Huawei IdeaHub extensive functions also make it a suitable tool for use in other sectors including healthcare, finance, energy, and many more.

As industries embrace their ‘new normal’, accelerating digitalization has become a key priority. The Huawei IdeaHub series products are designed to help organizations navigate the challenges they face and drive their business forward.