Mobius Motors has launched the Mobius 3 car model in Kenya. The car manufacturing company founded by Joel Jackson in 2011, has committed to bring robust and reliable cars to the Kenyan market.

The Mobius 3 is a 4×4 five seater vehicle designed to handle the rough terrains the vehicle may have to traverse in.

In 2016, Mobius announced that they had started taking pre-orders for the Mobius 2. The first pre-order was made in August that year with the company announcing plans to make 100 units. The Mobius 2 features a rugged chassis structure, high ground clearance, excellent suspension and plenty of cargo space. It also has additional features like power steering, sealed side windows, lockable door, improved audio among other features.

Three years later in 2019, Mobius announced that they had overwhelmingly received 300 pre-orders for the second generation vehicle. According to the company, he new model offered better build quality, more safety equipment and an improved design overall.

Speaking at the launch of the latest model, Michael Gichuru, Commercial Director at Mobius Motors noted that buying local does not mean customers have to compromise on quality. He added that the new model competitive price of Ksh 3.9 Million excluding VAT.

Mobius 3 specifications

  • 4 Wheel drive
  • 2000cc Engine capacity
  • 5 Seater
  • Has a Petrol and Diesel Version
  • Has both manual and automatic transmission
  • Infotainment Center
  • 160 Kilowatts at 5500 RPM and 320 Newton Meters of Torque
  • Alloy rims and dual airbags
  • Front – 2, Rear – 3, Doors – 5

The first batch sold about 50 cars as the company hopes to manufacture more cars and increase sales this year.