Back in the day, a majority of the products were built to last for a long time which is a far cry from what we have today. Nowadays, some of the products start falling apart as soon as one leaves the shop to the consternation of many. I am told that this lack of durability is informed by the need for the manufacturers to have you upgrade to the newer version of the product as soon as possible.

However, at Nokia, such policies are not a consideration when they are rolling out their products as I have come to learn that their phones are essentially built to be durable. A majority of us who had the pleasure of using the mighty Nokia 3310 still swear by it to this day. The phone was simply indestructible, it could fall for enough times but still manage to function. Heck you could even use it to play football and somehow, it would still be working. This was simply how good the design of the phone was that the only reason that one was prompted to change phones was due to a need to upgrade to a newer version but not that it had failed. This phone was so loved by many that it sold a total of 136 Million units over its lifetime. This popularity led to a newer version being released by HMD Global some time back.

Since the days of the 3310, HMD Global who are the manufacturers of the Nokia phones have continued with this proud tradition of building phones which can stand the test of time. Case in point, my Mum bought the Nokia 5300 express music back in 2007, to date which is about 13 years down the line. The phone is surprisingly still functional and has been promptly inherited by her grandson who uses it to listen to music. How about that, a phone that lasts so long that it can be handed over the different generations!!!

One other than durability, the other thing that I love about Nokia phones is their cameras. The cameras lenses are from Carl Zeiss which is one of the oldest lens making company in Germany so you can be sure that the phone camera lenses are good. This means that sharing your photos on social media is not an embarrassing venture.

Newer versions of the Nokia phones have been built with the same quality craftmanship, innovation in design and imaging experience ensuring that they will last for a long time as opposed to some. I am actually yet to see a Nokia phone which has been discarded due to the fact that it has stopped working due to age. As such when looking to buy a phone which will last you for some good time look no further than Nokia phones.