Bolt the on demand taxi platform is piloting a concept of hybrid office whereby only 20% of employees have designated seats.

The survey conducted among 1000 Bolt employees at the beginning of June indicated that almost 80% of Bolt employees would like to work from home at least half of the time or more. Based on the key card use data from Bolt HQ in Tallinn, Estonia, office visits peak during the company’s all-hands meetings and on Fridays for social gatherings. Another trend is teams meeting in the office to have lunch together.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many organizations adapt to the new working style, either work from home or combination of working from home and having some staff occasionally working from the office. This might actually be a permanent change and something that organizations would want to adopt. The added value of the hybrid office concept brings about the possibility to keep growing fast while retaining the same office premises and highest attainable productivity for the business.

During the past few years, Bolt has seen hypergrowth to 1600 employees in 35 countries. To accommodate the rise in employees, Bolt needs to constantly expand their office space. By introducing hybrid offices, Bolt gets to sustain the same offices for a bit longer and further increase its growth strides and impact on the community. Bolt currently operates its hybrid office in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam on the African continent.