African Women in Technology conference to take place on July 18-20


The African Women in Technology Conference (AWIT conference) is scheduled to take place from July 18 – 20, 2019 at Michael Joseph Center. The theme of this year’s event is Awaken The Techazon Within.

The 3-day conference will focus on empowering, educating and connecting African women in business and technology. The core objective of the conference is to provide a platform for advancing the careers of African women in the technology industry regardless of what stage they are in their careers or businesses.

An addition to this year’s conference is finding and matching interns to entrepreneurs and companies looking to hire. It will also pair mentors and mentees who will go on to support each other long after the conference is over. The event will also be exclusively featuring a Hubs and Leaders Roundtable as well as a Cybersecurity Workshop.

Speaking on the driving mission of the conference Anie Akpe, Founder at AWIT and IBOM LLC says, “It is exciting to see how much impact the African women in Tech series is having on women across the continent. Kenya is particularly interesting because of the growth of the tech ecosystem and the women who are pioneering the advancement of the sector. We are intentionally using our theme of “Awaken The Techazon Within” as a call to action for all women who are looking to grow, advance their careers and make an impact in their communities. Essentially we want to encourage all participants to step outside of their comfort zones and the topics covered this year will give tips on exactly how to make bold movements while navigating through the tech space.”

On their partnership with the AWIT conference, Rita Okuthe Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Safaricom PLC says, “We are very proud that Safaricom Michael Joseph Center will host the AWIT conference in collaboration with IBOM LLC. It is a great initiative borderline with enormous impact on women in technology and business.”

The conference is being convened thanks to partnerships with Safaricom, GIZ Make IT in Africa, Metta, Alx, Meltwater, Nairobi Garage, Flutterwave, iHub, KamiLimu, Techmoran and SFG Consulting.

Some of the speakers to expect include, Laura Chite CEO at CIO East Africa, Ariane Fisher Managing Director at Shortlist, Malkia Judd Co-Founder and CFO at Sendy, Esther Ndeti Executive Director at
EAVCA, Nekesa Were Managing Director at iHub, Victoria Peill Head at ALX, and many more women experienced in both business and technology to be expected.

Tickets for the event are available at

The African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference is a yearly conference that brings together an influential lst of who’s who in the Africa Tech space. They network, discuss and collaborate on initiatives that move the continent forward. Since 2016, the AWIT Conference has taken place in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria and the United States, and has been attended by over 1500 women – entrepreneurs, investors, professionals – from around the world who go on to share their experiences at the Conferences to inspire others.

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