M-TIBA customers to now access medical services from Aga Khan hospitals


M-TIBA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya (AKHS,K) to extend the M-TIBA provider panel, conduct software integration and jointly develop healthcare inclusion programmes.

This MoU extends the M-TIBA panel to the outreach centres of the Aga Khan Hospitals in Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi. This initiative went live on the M-TIBA platform in 2018. Anyone who is registered on a savings or private insurance scheme on M-TIBA has been able to access treatment, with payments being administered via their mobile phone. Over 3.5 million people are registered on M-TIBA on a range of public and private insurance and savings schemes. This will enable payments and information to flow seamlessly from customer’s mobile phones, to points of sale, to hospital administrators and on to the funding agency or insurance company.

Kees van Lede, Chief Executive Officer, CarePay Ltd said, “CarePay aims to make healthcare available to all through the M-TIBA platform. CarePay developed the M-TIBA platform to give everyone the power to access quality health care. Thanks to our great partners, like AKHS, we can walk the talk about helping build a more sustainable and user-centric health system.”

Sulaiman Shahabuddin, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Health Services, East Africa said, “We are glad to partner with CarePay as more people will be able to seek treatment from our hospitals and outreach centres and easily pay for our services using the M-TIBA platform. We will also be able to use the platform to ensure a smooth customer journey at our outreach centres and hospitals for our patients and employees.”

M-TIBA is product of CarePay which partners with public and private organizations to drive universal health coverage through mobile phones on its platform. It helps with expansion, enrolment and retention on large-scale health schemes. CarePay also allows full automation between providers and funders for real time claims management and budgeting. M-TIBA currently has over 2000 healthcare providers across Kenya.

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