Lots of amazing things happen on Kenyan Twitter. Kenyans on Twitter hold their government accountable, they call out injustice, influencers do their things, people hook up and others get jobs.

However on one day in May, something out of ordinary happened. The Kenya Police Twitter account realized with surprise, as we all do, that they had been blocked by Kenya’s leading Telco Safaricom. This was after attempting to follow up on an issue that a Twitter user had raised. Safaricom, maybe from embarrassment, never replied but quietly unblocked the police an hour later and life moved on. But we didn’t ?.

Now, besides the intentions of the action, I can imagine how embarrassing this may have been for the company’s PR team. However it happened, it was hilarious and we are here for it.

On a separate note, Twitter legend has it that the Kenya Police Twitter account in question used belong to renowned Kenyan Twitterati Robert Alai. If that’s true, then that makes sense. It however opens up the question, on whether brands should block their customers on Twitter. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, here is that epic Tweet.