The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) has been kind to Kenyans over the years. Winners have included Kati Kati, Barbara Minishi, Zilizala, Elayne Okaya, Njoki Muhoho, Nairobi Half Life among others.

This year was no different with Kenyans winning 6 awards, with the film 18 Hours by Njue Kevin winning 3 i.e. Best Overall Movie, Best Movie East Africa and Best Picture Editor. More titles by Njue include Intellectual Scum, Sticking Ribbons and Plastic Maasai. Likarion Wainaina’s superhero movie Supa Modo also won Best Indigenous Language (Swahili). Likarion’s other productions include; Clandestine, Crazies, See Them Blind, Love in the City and Hospital.

Here is the full list of AMVCA 2018 winners that you can find on Showmax.

AMVCA 2018 winners on Showmax

1. Nice Wanjeri, Auntie Boss – Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Auntie Boss on Showmax

Nice Wanjeri beat Nigeria’s sweethearts Adesua Etomi, Dakore Akanda and Rita Dominic to win Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Auntie Boss. Wanjeri plays Shiru “Warugongo” as she likes to introduce herself, the naive househelp who will not think twice about selling her boss’ clothes to make a few extra bucks. Believe it or not, Shiru’s crazy antics have earned her a few enemies in the real world as Wanjeri recently revealed in a recent interview with Showmax.

Don’t miss Wanjeri’s award-winning performance, catch Auntie Boss S1-7 on Showmax.

2. The Flesh Business – Best Documentary

It’s only fair to mention that The Flesh Business is Denis Maina’s first work as a documentary filmmaker. The Flesh Business is a one-hour documentary that sheds light on the rampant prostitution at the Kenyan coast from the point of view of the commercial sex workers. It’s a story that had to be told as Maina says, “Society prejudges sex workers without even knowing their stories. When you get to talk to them and get submerged into their world, you find that there are factors that contributed to them choosing this kind of life.”

Stream The Flesh Business now on Showmax.

3. This Is It – Best TV Series

This Is It is a comedy series that tells the story of newlyweds Tomide (Kenya’s Nick Mutuma) and Dede (Nigeria’s Chy Nwakanma) as they try to overcome the challenges of married life while staying true to the love that brought them together in the first place. Marriage may not a bed of roses but creator and producer Omolola Adeleke (Lowladee) paints her fairytale tale version in the best way she knows how.

This Is It S1 is streaming on Showmax.

4. Okafor’s Law – Best Cinematography

Okafor's Law on Showmax

Okafor’s Law is a Nigerian romantic comedy film that follows a serial womaniser and a bona fide smooth operator who chases after his past girlfriends to prove to his friends that he can have all his exes back if he wanted to.

Don’t miss Okafor’s Law on Showmax.

Past AMVCA winners on Showmax

1. Kati Kati – Best Movie East Africa (AMVCAs 2017)

Kati Kati on Showmax

Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati takes us to a resort in the middle of nowhere where we meet Kaleche (Nyokabi Gethaiga), a young woman who finds herself stuck in the afterlife with no recollection of how she got there. Watch Kati Kati on Showmax. 

2. Tinsel – Best Drama (AMVCAs 2017)

Tinsel on Showmax

Nigeria’s longest running soap opera Tinsel brings you the rivalry of two film companies as they fight for dominance in an industry that can only have one king. Stream Tinsel S1-7 on Showmax.

3. The Johnsons – Best Comedy (AMVCAs 2017)

This sitcom centres around an average Nigerian family and the struggles they face on a daily basis. Stream The Johnsons on Showmax.

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