It’s around that time of the year where we can fool each other without getting into trouble. Legitimate news platforms have this one day to post fake news. As the years go by however, it gets harder to fool people. One needs to think of clever or hilarious ways to get people duped.

While the list below comprises of silly pranks made by companies and news platforms, admittedly, some of them would be cool if they had actually happened:

1. Safari Oil

Safaricom announced in a blog that they would be launching Safari Oil, a fueling station. According to them, the fuel station would provide services such as:

Okoa Fuel: this works similar to okoa jahazi where you can access fuel on credit and pay it later.

Dial-A-Ngata: you no longer need to go to the fueling station. After simply making an mpesa payment for the concerned service, you can get fuel delivered straight to your home.

Sambaza Gas:  if you have a Safaricom line and are willing to play sponsor, you can Sambaza Gas directly to the beneficiary’s home by paying with M-PESA to a SafariOil station and directing them on where to deliver.

It sounds like a good idea and it is too bad that it was a prank.


Crown Paints tweeted that they had come up with a new paint called DIY-WiFi. The paint would apparently receive Wi-Fi signals and reflect them back so that you can enjoy fast internet throughout your entire household.

The product is available in all their paint colors.

3. High Court Judge Bans Use of Alco-blow, and Orders Refunds to Affected Motorists

After seeing this headline, any affected motorist would’ve probably jumped for joy trying to find out how to collect their deserved compensation from the state. Unfortunately this story told by Nairobi News, was an April fools prank, and alco-blow gadgets are still very much in use. The story claimed that Court Judge J. X. Ogalla ruled on Friday that the alco-blow devices couldn’t be relied on to give proper information, and all who were affected should be refunded.

Several people fell for it and contacted Nairobi News to inquire on the story.

4. Ugali Beef Burger

This was a good one. In what would have been a burger travesty, Burger King announced that they’d start making an Ugali Beef Burger. Kush Ratna, while getting a good laugh out of the ‘advert’, didn’t fall for it.

5. Envoys oppose N. Korea missile base in Kenya

A post by the Daily Nation talking about a secret plan to allow North Korea to station a missile base in northern Kenya, was actually a prank. It claimed that the base will house at least 40 inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of reaching European capitals. Claiming that the station will upgrade to nuclear warheads as the technology becomes available.

Before you go ahead and believe this outrageous tale, take some time to revise on international relations. What’s slightly hilarious however, is that other websites have also run this story.