Dream Catchers presents a new Kenyan online series called NBO, a TV show that centers on lust, lies, power and greed. Created and scripted by Francis Masinde and Tedd Josiah, the first episode dubbed ‘Evil Conceptions’ is a mere eight minutes long.

Despite the credits stretching out for one full minute, the beginning instantaneously hooks you as Cindy (Rossy Wambui), a young lady, finds out that she’s pregnant with politician Hon. Duma’s (Oscar Mahaga) child. He quickly insists that she have an abortion so as not to risk losing his parliamentary seat or have his wife find out.  Worse off is that Mr. Were (Murunga W Ray), good friend and colleague of Hon. Duma, is Cindy’s father who is yet to know of Cindy’s predicament. A myriad of secrets revolve throughout this episode as Hudges (Francis Masinde), Cindy’s boyfriend is also sleeping around with Cindy’s close friend Tess (Yasmin S. Salim). Deceit, betrayal, and treachery  are just another part of the day on NBO, a fascinating and exhilarating watch for those who enjoy drama.

Other cast members include Emma M. MwanGombe as Mrs Duma, Justin Maxau as Brian, Karen Wangari as Magda, Maria A Kisaka as Mama Castro, Obaje S as Bufiss, Raymond v. Ochieng as Castro and Sylvster K Milimu as la Don.

Back in 2010 they had shot this film and tried to pitch it to Kenyan broadcasters who at the time were too scared to run with it. However now, they believe that the online community is ready for webisodes, short films and video on demand. Going forward I hope they upload the video in HD quality because the quality in the first one is so bad.

To full first episode is below.