Telkom Kenya’s new data bundles are more affordable

Aldo Mareuse - Telkom Kenya CEO

Telkom Kenya has introduced new data bundles while also introducing validity periods for the different data offerings. Most of their bundles previously had a 90 day validity period but they have now introduced new daily, weekly and monthly bundles. The new bundles are also cheaper albeit with a shorter validity period.

The telco has also introduced notifications that will let customers know of the impending expiry of their bundles that will be sent 48 hours and 24 hours before the expiry of the bundles. Customers will be able to extend the expiry periods of their data bundles before they expire by purchasing another bundle of equal or higher validity before the expiry of their current bundle. The Telkom Kenya off bundle rate is Ksh. 4 per MB.

Customers can buy the new bundles by dialing *544# on their phone or by visiting on their laptop.

The new data bundles and their prices are below

Daily bundles
 Data Bundles  Price
 10MB             9
 25MB           13
 40MB           19
 100MB           39
 150MB           45
 Xcell daily 400MB           50
 Weekly bundles
 Data Bundles  Price
 20MB           19
 50MB           39
 70MB           49
 200MB           99
 350MB         149
 500MB         199
 Xcell weekly 2GB         249
 Xcell Weekly 15GB         990
 30 day bundles
 Data Bundles  Price
 150MB           95
 350MB         200
 1GB         500
 1.5GB         600
 2.5GB         900
 4GB      1,200
 8GB      1,900
 12GB      2,500
 25GB      3,500
 Xcell monthly 6GB         990
 Xcell monthly 30GB      2,990
 90 day bundles
 Data Bundles  Price
 2GB      1,000
 6GB      2,000
 10GB      3,000
 30GB      5,000
 60GB      7,000
 100GB      9,000
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