Safaricom unveiled their 2016 Capture Kenya Calendar at a colourful Kenyan themed event at the Michael Joseph Center. The highly anticipated project saw three teams travelling across the country to capture the undiscovered treasures in Kenya.

Brain Mungei, the Digital Strategy and social Media lead at Safaricom stated that the aim of Capture Kenya was to show Kenya in positive light. Safaricom through this project wanted to break away from the helicopter view of Kenya and instead walk shoulder to shoulder with everyday Kenyans and enjoy its beautiful landscapes. Mungei further added that the move was to also curb the decline in tourism that stands at 20% due travel advisories resulting from terror attacks that have hit the country.

Safaricom Limited CEO, Bob Collymore urged Kenyans to tell their own story and not leave that job to other sources sighting the backlash to CNN on twitter using the #SomeonetellCNN. He instead said that we should change our mindset towards our country by embracing the #ThisisMyKenya campaign. He further added that Kenyans do not know how good they have it and sometimes it takes an outsider to appreciate it.

The Capture Kenya experience comprised of three teams each having an established photographer, a budding one and a blogger. Some of the photographers included Osborne Macharia, Allan Gichigi, and Migwa Nthiga among others.

The Safaricom 2016 calendar can be viewed in the video below