From the title, we bet, your all wondering where this is going. What do hangovers have to do with Marijuana? Let us start from the beginning….

We all know Afroman, right? (If you don’t know then please go sit in a corner). The song he is best known for is “Because I got high”. The song has become an anthem for intoxicated individuals for the past 15 years. It is timeless I would say.

Anyway, in the spirit of advocacy for the leagalization of marijuana in the US, Afroman decided to step out of his hiatus from music and do a remake for his infamous song. The new song would be a positive remix to the earlier version.

In the listing of reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized one caught our ears, hangovers (check 1:19). Yes, the one you get from drinking beer, wine and spirits.

As hangovers have changed the course of many wars over the centuries, they might just change the tide in the bid to legalize the drug.