You walk in to an office for a 9.00am interview appointment and greet the receptionist. They look you over, sneer and give a half-hearted response. You think maybe she’s having a bad day and let it go. You state your business and she directs you to sit and wait. 30 minutes later you are still waiting. You ask her if something is wrong and she yells at you to sit or leave. Because you really need to see the boss you wait. Your patience is running out and you demand for service. You have been there for an hour, the waiting lounge is full of others also waiting. The receptionist insults you and then walks off leaving the reception unattended. Because of this, you miss your scheduled appointment and miss out on getting that job.

This right here is a common occurrence in many public offices. Right from the get-go, the receptionist is rude and uncooperative. Sometimes they even ignore you completely and pretend you are not there. How about the ones who refuse to serve you at 12.45pm because they are preparing to go for lunch in 15 minutes?

I never understand why people in public offices give such poor service to us. I would get it if they behaved this way if you are rude to them or treat them badly. But if you walk in and are polite why should they go off and behave like you are trash to them? They are there to serve you, if you stop going there, they will have no job.

It’s time our public offices got employees who know how to treat the public well. Get someone who will smile and be polite even when things are going so wrong in their personal life. Just once I would like to go to a public office and be treated like my business there is important. A little courtesy in the office will go a long way in public service