The Infinix Hot 40 launch at Sk8city, Diamond Plaza 2, was an electrifying affair, drawing in a dynamic mix of university students, tech enthusiasts, and influencers eager to immerse themselves in the unveiling of the Fast & Fun Infinix Hot 40 series. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, participants engaged in challenges, vying for exciting prizes graciously offered by Infinix.

The event’s highlight included an insightful address by Shane Liu, the Kenya Infinix Country Manager, who illuminated the brand’s significant strides in the Kenyan market. Liu not only emphasized Infinix’s growth but also revealed the company’s ambitious foray into producing diverse products like power banks, laptops, and earbuds, indicating a promising expansion in their offerings.

The User Operations Manager, Dennis Mwangi, delved into the community-centric ethos of Infinix, underlining the brand’s commitment to fostering a community founded on shared values. He underscored Infinix’s partnerships aimed at empowering the youth, showcasing a dedication beyond technological innovation.

Adding an artistic flair to the celebration, dance crews were invited to showcase their moves to the beats of the Infinix Hot 40 series anthem. The competing crews – The Dance Agency, Ole Tile Family, and Dance Federation Africa, brought their A-game, captivating the audience. Spectators engaged enthusiastically by casting their votes online for their favorite crew, while the talented dancers performed live at the launch.

In an exciting finale to the competition, Dance Federation Africa emerged victorious. Their spirited performance resonated, reflecting the fusion of talent and creativity emblematic of Infinix’s Fast & Fun ethos. The top three finalists were Dance Federation Africa, Ole Tile Family and The Dance Agency. The Dance Federation Africa crew took the top spot followed by The Dance Agency and Ole Tile Family closing off. The dance crews won Ksh. 150,000, Ksh. 100,000 and Ksh. 80,000 for the winner, first runners-up and second runners-up respectively.

The Infinix Hot 40 Launch at Sk8city not only introduced a cutting-edge smartphone series but also celebrated artistic expression and community engagement, exemplifying Infinix’s commitment to innovation, empowerment, and celebration of talent within the Kenyan landscape.