USIU-Africa, Kenya Bankers Association and Serianu have partnered in a bid to train 2,000 cyber security professionals in a program known as Cyber Shujaa.

 The training program’s novelty is illustrated in the development and implementation of a harmonized cybersecurity employment framework linking the industry and the training institutions. Among this group of 2,000, they are targeting to bring 1,000 women on board as cybersecurity professionals as well as at least 30 young people as cybersecurity entrepreneurs.

While the dearth of skilled cyber security experts is a global challenge that experts say requires 2 million new practitioners, at the local level it is equally severe, with Serianu research showing that Kenya needs to hire at least 1,000 new experts annually.

Through the consortium, Kenya Bankers Association will provide the market intelligence that informs the curriculum development, USIU-Africa will design the curriculum and ensure the youth are at the heart of the program while Serianu will provide the technical training and practical immersion.

Speaking during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the consortium members, the Vice Chancellor, USIU-Africa, Professor Freida Brown reiterated the University’s commitment to action research which calls for interventions and co-creation of knowledge with stakeholders.

“This project enhances our university-industry-government-civil society linkages to promote similar future partnerships. This project will brand itself to become a cybersecurity institute to offer a nationally recognized certification in the area of cybersecurity. Our Center Informatics Research and Innovation (CIRI) is striving to be a regional leader and a major player in cybersecurity issues on the continent in the next five years,” said Prof. Freida Brown.