The Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX), has announced a series of virtual forums in the lead-up to the Intra-African Trade Fair 2021 (IATF2021). The forums will be held under the theme “The Virtual Space: The New Creative Sector Workspace – Adapt, Innovate, and Thrive.”

CANEX is a program that was put in place by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) to support Africa’s creative and cultural industries.

On 25 February, digital innovators and experts from across some of Africa’s key creative sectors including fashion, film, music and XR, will share their experiences and successes from 2020, and for a post-COVID world that will be forever changed.

The first event will kick-off the conversation in the build-up to the Creative Africa Nexus Program that will take place at the Intra-African Trade Fair 2021 (IATF2021) from 6-12 September in Kigali, Rwanda. The forum will be a space to share, discuss and create solutions that will encourage creatives to find innovative ways to use existing technology to increase their remuneration and thrive in their careers. It is designed specifically for African creatives looking for ways to monetize their content across the digital landscape.

When Covid-19 hit us in 2020, lockdowns were declared across the world and working from home became the new norm. The digital world quickly became the only means of connecting to work, family, friends and colleagues. This lack of physical events and gatherings had a particularly adverse impact on the creative sector.

However, creatives across Africa and the world, despite the many barriers and challenges presented by COVID-19, were able to develop innovative ideas and leverage off technologically driven solutions. From 3D fashion shows and virtual concerts, hybrid film festivals and gallery exhibitions, African creatives are already ahead of the game and have a lot to share with their peers and those in other sectors.

This virtual event will be free of charge so if you are a creative, plan to attend.