Ken Njoroge, co- founder of Cellulant, has announced plans to resign from the company’s managerial positions, after 18 years. In the company’s blogpost released recently, Njoroge stated that 2021 will be his last year as CEO.

Njoroge will transition from his role as CEO in June 2021 and then spend the next six months assisting the new leadership acclimatize.

Njoroge cited that family and recent major internal crises that hit the company informed his decision. He will however, remain as a shareholder and director on the company board.

“I have spent the last 16 years of our marriage focusing 85% of my time and energy on the business. It’s time to balance that equation,” he said.

Describing the company as a lion cub during its first stages of inception, Mr. Njoroge, in his statement said, “My co-founder and I found a way to get close to the cub, speak to it and understand it. Before long, we found ourselves on the back of the cub, doing the thing that made life worth living- riding the Lion, creating and changing the world we saw. For me, Cellulant was an ode to the belief that Africa could build great things. To create a solution on this continent, by Africans and for Africans, even in a field as westernized as technology was the dream we committed our lives to. We ate, slept and breathed nothing else. Every day, we woke up and fed this cub… until it was a cub no longer.”

Ken Njoroge and his co-founder ,Bolaji Akinboro, founded Cellulant in 2003, as a payment platform infrastructure service provider operating in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda. Cellulant’s various digital platforms connect buyers, sellers and other stakeholders in the entire value chain.

Akinboro resigned from his position as co-CEO in August last year, following a probe that was conducted on the company’s flagship platform, Agricore.