Kenyan musicians to get a chance to collaborate with Diplo and MØ in this year’s Tuborg Open


Tuborg, the Danish beer brand has announced the return of the “Tuborg Open”. The Tuborg Open is a music campaign that sees international artists collaborate with local artists around the world. It works by bringing together musicians to create a song with a global message but the story being told in a different way by each collaborating artist. The collaborating artists use their own lyrics thus reflecting the diversity and unique local culture.

During last year’s Tuborg Open, Major Laser created a track and artists from Asia and Europe added their lyrics to it. Among the artists that were picked was Badshah from India and Scriptonite from Russia.

This year, American producer DJ Diplo who was also part of last year’s campaign makes a return and will be joined by Danish star MØ. They have created a track that is called “Stay Open” and artist from around the world are invited to rewrite the verses and tell their story of what being “ Open To More” means to them.

Speaking about this year’s campaign, Diplo had this to say, “To be part of Tuborg Open for the second year is really cool. This year Tuborg came to us with the idea of being “Open to More” and MØ and I were already working on ‘Stay Open,’ this track about how so many times people are closed but it’s important to stay open to new people and experiences. It fits the campaign perfectly and the artists from around the world are already coming to us with ideas of how they want to change it up and add their own perspective to the idea of staying open which is the really cool bit of the project.”

Danish vocalist and songwriter MØ had this to say about the campaign, “For me, the journey you go on to get to the finished product is often the best bit. By being open to new influences, you mix together things that you think will never fit but sometimes, it really works well. I love what you learn and experience from doing that and watching the track you had at the start become something totally different.”

In last year’s Tuborg Open, artists from Africa did not participate but this time around they will be getting a chance to do so. This is good news in that the exposure from such a platform for our local artists would go a long way in boosting their careers.

Renee Kamau, Carlsberg Marketing Manager, had this to say, “We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with local artists and give them a platform to collaborate with International talent. Tuborg is all about fuelling those moments of music discovery for artists and fans. Keep watching this space for more exciting projects to come.

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