Sababu is the third single off Noni’s forthcoming album, Nyuki+Asali. Noni describes her music as a soulful collusion between melody and emotion, which is inspired by a range of various female musicians from Miriam Makeba to Jill Scott.

Sababu, produced by Atwal music, is an RnB track with bad song writing. She was very repetitive in her lyrics and by the time I reached the end of the song, I was so tired of hearing the word sababu I was tempted to banish the word from my vocabulary.

It does, however, have a great beat which I enjoyed. Noni’s vocals are also stellar.

I listened to the other singles, and I really liked What mama said. It was well produced and there is certainly more depth to the song. I felt her soulfulness in this song and she flexed her muscle range here, giving us a taste of just how formidable a musician she can be, judging from her vocal range.

I liked the guitar riff at the beginning of Deeper. Again, she really flexes her vocal range in this one. Her voice is beautiful, there is no doubt about that.

Another notable mention is her feature on Dandora Music’s Back in the Day.