You’ve probably heard this word a lot of late, something about a phone right?

Well, Android is an operating system (OS), just like Windows, just for phones instead of computers

Android is one of many mobile phone operating systems out there. The most common at the moment are:

  • Android, powered by Google
  • Bada,the operating System for Samsung phones
  • Blackberry OS, which powers Blackberry devices
  • iOS which powers Apples mobile devices, i.e. the iPhone and the iPad
  • Symbian, which powers Nokia devices
  • Windows Mobile

We will begin with Android, it was developed by a company that was later acquired by Google, which as you know is not in the business of selling phones.

What happens with Android in very simple terms is that as long as a manufacturer builds a device that fulfils the minimum requirements for running Android he/she can use the OS.

Android as a platform has a wide range of free apps available, however, the wide range of devices means that the experience of using Android can vary considerably

This is why there are so many Android devices; everyone from HTC to Huawei has an Android device in their stable.

Flagship Phone: Google Nexus S


Join us next week as we discuss Bada, the Mobile Operating system for Samsung Phones