WhatsApp has enough to offer. You can connect with your friends through WhatsApp. Earlier, Users were allowed to chat through messages only but since technology has reached a new phase in past few years. WhatsApp users are now capable to have a video call, voice call with their contacts. In order to connect with someone, all you need is his/her WhatsApp number. Through that contact number you can have a virtual face to face conversation with your relative, friend even if he/she is working in a different country.

These days distance doesn’t matter when it comes to having a conversation over WhatsApp. Not only WhatsApp, hundreds of different messaging application are available for both Android and iOS device, even for the computers too.

But since WhatsApp is a trusted application and has billions of active users. Thus, the terms and conditions or we can say their privacy policies are designed for a vast number of users. As a result, those policies ended putting some restriction over the users. I am not against WhatsApp Policies because it has users from different countries and those users have a different mindset. Everybody needs different features, accessibilities in the app.

WhatsApp Alternative

If you are a type of user who doesn’t appreciate restriction, then I have a WhatsApp alternative for you. That application is as reliable as WhatsApp. Technically, we can’t give this application the tag of alternative as it’s a MOD version of WhatsApp. The application is named as “YOWhatsApp”.

YOWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp has hundreds of features that you won’t find in WhatsApp, whereas all the features of WhatsApp are covered in it. You can hide the double tick, blue ticks, customize the layout. On YOWhatsApp you have the liberty to modify all possible things, whether it is the app icon or theme. You can change them any time and as many times you want.

Let’s have a look at the,

Features of YOWhatsapp APK

Individual Call Blocks

You have the liberty on YOWhatsApp to block someone’s voice call. You can have a chat through text messages but the user won’t be able to call you. Thus, if you want to ignore someone’s call then YOWhatsApp is a perfect option for you.


YOWhatsApp offers you dozens of preloaded themes through which you can change the whole look of your messaging application. You have the authority to customize the YOWhatsApp app icon, group icon size, wallpapers, and themes.

Privacy Options

As mentioned above, on YOWhatsapp you can hide your online status, disable the two tick and blue tick. Along with this, if you have opted to hide your online status then too you can have an eye on your contacts and track whether they are online or not.

App Lock and Anti Ban

Most of us need to download a separate App lock in order to add a new level of security to the application. But on YOWhatsApp, you will get an App lock preloaded with the YOWhatsApp APK itself. Thus, security won’t be a concern anymore. Apart from this, if you are afraid that WhatsApp will ban you for using a MOD application then let me tell you that, YOWhatsApp is completely safe and comes with a feature of Anti Ban. You won’t be banned for using YOWhatsApp instead of Official Whatsapp.

These were some features which tell us that YOWhatsApp is a better application then original WhatsApp itself. If you are looking for a change then, YOWhatsApp APK is free to download and you must give it a try.