Step 1. Login to Paypal

Step 2. Choose Send & Request


Step 3. Click Create an Invoice



Step 4. Choose Create New Invoice

Step 5. You will arrive at the Create Invoice interface.

Step 6. Fill out the Bill to: form with your customer’s email address.



Step 7. Under Customize you can configure the details of your billable service.

You can add as many products (“line items”) as necessary. The Preview buttons allows you to see what your invoice will look like before you send it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure to contain the following details for us to ensure your payment is processed:

  • Your name/company name and address
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice number
  • Description of work i.e. the name of your website
  • Company registration and VAT number (if applicable)
  • Amount (with VAT if charged)

Likewise, if you bill for this product regularly you can save this invoice as a template for future.