Today it is the most normal thing that children have a smartphone. It is both useful and incredibly dangerous. Therefore, as a parent, you should consider how you can protect your children against online dangers when giving them smartphones. Here are the top 4 hazards that you should consider when you give your child a smartphone:

Screen time addiction: 

Kids have become more entangled in their smartphones than ever before. They rely on it for constant reassurance and fellowship. An addiction is therefore quickly lurking. Screen time addiction is real and its negative effects are inevitable if the smartphone is not used wisely.


Spicy photos and text messages always exist. A concept that many teenagers do not understand until it is too late. Research has shown that 1 out of 7 teenagers thought that sexting was okay and that one in four received sexting reports. Many teenagers cannot understand the short and long-term consequences of sending inappropriate photos and videos. That is why they must be informed early on about the permanent damage that sexting can cause.

Online stalkers:

Do you know who your kids are talking to online? Or do you even know if they know them or not? Online stalkers can be present everywhere online and often mask their identity. They choose a potential victim: they will first view social media messages and public chats to learn more about the child. After they have selected someone, they can start to become friends with the contacts of the target, engage in more and more personal conversations to build trust, propose to bring the conversation to other platforms (such as instant messaging), request photos and eventually go offline contact us. The mission of these online stalkers is to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of your children,

Use of risky apps:

In this digital age, kids have access to risky apps at their fingertips. Apps such as Tinder, Messengers and Snapchat. Although many of these apps do not sound threatening, it’s the way teenagers use these apps to communicate in an inappropriate and / or malicious way that makes them dangerous. 

The responsibility that lies with children when they get a smartphone is not something that should be taken lightly. The actions they take online follow them for the rest of their lives and many children are not yet mature enough to understand those long-term consequences. As a parent, it is your job to be informed and stay informed, to ensure that your children stay safe. One efficient way of staying updated about kids’ activities is cell phone parental control app such as FamilyTime parental control that not only helps parents monitor kids but offers parental controls too.

With the app, parents can see their kids’ contacts, their communication history, their call logs and much more. The app does offer controls too, such as parents can Watchlist shad contacts to receive alerts or can even put a virtual fence around downtown bars so they get notified if their kids enter those places. There are several more features that help parents keep their kids away from alcohol consumption. To know them, try this app for free. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone.