Brazil and Argentina are two amazing countries that have lots to offer. They can delight our eyes and hearts but can also to broaden our minds. Even though they are close to each other and present many similarities, you’ll have very different traveling experiences. You can’t see the Amazon in Argentina or the ice fields in Brazil.

I believe that it all depends on your tastes and on what you’re interested in the most. The South side of the US is big and filled with wonderful spots and opportunities. Brazil is more tropical, exotic, beachy, while Argentina is more subtropical, European. Tango and wine describe Argentina the best.

But which one will it be for the restless souls of students who are thirsty to explore this beautiful world?

In today’s post we’ll debate Brazil vs Argentina by presenting multiple factors, so you can choose to visit the country that’s likely to satisfy your student needs the best.

Fast Facts

When you’re planning a trip it’s important to know several important aspects. For instance, the spoken language, the currency, and the time zone are crucial to acknowledge before you come to Brazil or Argentina.

It’s important that students do their research before choosing an option. Otherwise, it’s just like they’re shouting “do my essays for me please”, and that’s definitely not the right approach to anything in life, especially to a travelling trip.


In Brazil, the official spoken language is Portuguese while in Argentina is Spanish. Similar, but not the same. As well, English is well known in both countries so there’s no need to struggle to learn any of them except if you really want to.


Brazilians use Brazilian real (BRL). One BLR is worth 0.3 dollars approximatively. In Argentina, they use Argentine Peso, which is worth 0.05 dollars approximatively.

Time Zone

The time zone in Brazil depends on which part of Brazil you’re going to. The Amazon time zone is UTC – 04:00, Brasilia time zone is UTC – 03:00, and Fernando de Noronha time zone is UTC – 02:00. In Argentina things are simpler, GMT/UTC – 3h during Standard Time.


The average price you’ll pay on a drink in Brazil is $1.5. In Argentina, you’ll pay around $5 for a beer in a bar/pub.


The local specialties in Brazil are not only delicious but also pretty cheap. One meal that will surely satisfy your belly costs around $2. But, of course, the more touristic the area is, the more expensive the food gets. No need to worry, for even in the touristic places the prices are still affordable – around $5.

Argentina is a bit more expensive when it comes to eating your launch at the restaurant, but it won’t make a hole in your wallet. For instance, one basic meal accompanied by a drink will cost you around $9.

Taxi Ride

We all need a taxi ride every now and then. It’s fast and easy. In Brazil, the ride starts at $1.55 and at each km it will add $0.8. The taxi ride in Argentina is almost the same as it’s in Brazil. The rise starts at $1.3 and it adds $0.9 at every km.


The public transport is more expensive in Brazil. One way ticket will cost you $1.2, while in Argentina will cost you only $0.4.


Hostels are a great deal all around the world. In Brazil, the prices vary from $7 to $20 a night and in Argentina, the pieces start at $10, so it’s pretty much the same.


One night in a 3-star hotel (double room) will cost you $50 in Brazil and around $37 in Argentina.

Brazil’s Must-Sees

I don’t even know where to start. Even if you spend 3 months in Brazil you’ll most probably still have a lot to visit. The Amazon is probably the most amazing and breathtaking place in Brazil where nature is extremely exotic and unique. You’ll find rare species of monkeys and astonishing falls among many other things.

If I were to make a top of must-sees in Brazil, I would definitely include Ilha Grande and Florianopolis, two amazing beaches, and four unique cities: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Sao Luis, and, of course, Iguassu Falls. I believe that Brazil is the student universe of unique experiences.

Argentina’s Must-Sees

Argentina offers more study abroad scholarships, so that is why this option may be the smartest choice as a student. Argentina is for another type of explorers. Here you won’t be exploring jungles, you’ll explore mountains and ice fields.

If you choose to come to Argentina, you must definitely visit Buenos Aires, the Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Moon Valley, The Marble Caves, and Bariloche.

You’d better plan to stay a while to make sure you won’t miss any of the above-mentioned places, or you won’t forgive yourself until you visit Argentina again.


If you aren’t still convinced which country you should go to, just remember that the world doesn’t end tomorrow, and you can always visit more spots later. We can all agree that both Brazil and Argentina are amazing and worth their positioning in our bucket list despite their obvious similarities.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll have a unique experience, lots to learn from their culture and traditions, all while enjoying astonishing landscapes. Just remember that whenever you have to make a choice, you must trust your instincts and follow your heart. This way you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.


Sandra Hayward is a passionate content writer and traveler. She started her writing career in college when she decided to start a blog. Sandra loves what she’s doing as she can beautifully combine her two hobbies, writing and traveling. Her traveling expertise is accurate and through her writing, she offers the readers the opportunity to live through her amazing experiences from all over the world.