They say college is the best of times. But let’s face it, it’s the worst of times as well. Among the best things are the parties, sports, clubs, and academic spirit, while among the worst are dozens of home assignments, stress, lack of time, sleep and freedom. For many college students, these negative issues coincide in one class – college English. While this or that custom essay writing service, where you can buy essay paper or get professional advice, makes English classes a bit easier, sometimes, they can feel like a total disaster. Here are some tips on how one can survive and thrive in one’s college or university English class. Who knows, maybe you will end up enjoying it!

  1. Read more to stimulate interest in reading

Just sit and think – how much do you usually read? If you do not read outside of college assignments and the summer to-read list, you are missing out. The point is that books provide you with an opportunity to turn on your imagination and travel in your mind as far as possible. Never let one negative reading experience ruin your academic progress. If you don’t like the idea to buy books with hardcover, make sure to try e-books that will provide you with a chance to download dozens of books in a minute!

Some students recommend making connections between what you are reading in the books and your life. If you find it hard to read poems by Walt Whitman, you have to remember that to feel is human, and you will definitely see that you and the author have something in common.

Developing excellent reading skills can’t be easy. You may begin at a comfortable reading level, where you won’t find many unknown words per page. Take a book with you on your bus or train, read before going to bed and ensure to picture the story in your mind as if it is happening here and now.

  1. Avail of online academic resources

There’s a chance that you have talked to your tutor, pals, and classmates but all in vain. However, online resources are practically endless, and many of those are available for free. If you don’t have time to read all the academic materials every other night, check CliffsNotes and SparkNotes to handle college assignments.

If you prefer listening and watching, use YouTube to find helpful videos that will take you through the world of English classes. What it comes down to is that up-to-date techs are there to keep you both inspired and encouraged.

  1. Talk to your professor

The great news is that your tutors are there for you to help you get through the academic process like a winner. They want to know if you like the class, if you struggle with the regular assignments or if you need help. Without a doubt, it might seem quite embarrassing at first to tell your professor that you’re in need of help, but communication is a must if you want to build a solid relationship with your mentors and boost your classroom experience.

If you don’t like reading books written ages ago or you just don’t understand literature very well, your English professor will save the day! You have to find time to sit down with him/her and discuss all the troubles that you experience when you try to understand and comprehend the text. This will prove that you are eager to know more about the world of literature. Professors love that!

  1. Show up and speak up in the classroom

Being present is not enough to prove that you are interested in the discipline or your grade. If you tend to remain silent when your professor asks a question or two or when your classmates are engaged in hot discussions, there is no way for the tutor to know that you read and cope with the tasks on time. Getting involved in class discussions engages you and helps you to become more interested in what is going on in the class. The other advantage lies in the fact that participating in discussions boosts your knowledge of the topic and motivates you to be aware of the assignments so you’ll always have something to say.

Make sure to take small steps, and sooner than you know, you will make progress in English class. The good thing is that you don’t have to share your viewpoint. Instead, ask a question or mention a piece of particular evidence that will back up or refute a certain opinion.

The discussions that are ongoing in English classes are great for that reason that unlike Chemistry or Physics, there will be no wrong or right answer – just the opinion that you have the right to share.                                              

  1. Study with your classmates

Find at least two or three college students in an English class to study with. According to the recent surveys, college or university students who study with someone on a regular basis score better academically. You will find yourself more motivated if you share your misfortunes with people who are in the same boat. At the same time, it is important to remember that studying in a group can get too social while your goal is to remain focused no matter what.

Regardless of the book that you have to read or the task you’re assigned, never give up. Just don’t give up! The reality is that some things and classes in college life are just required, and your task here is to keep calm and carry on. For example, most educational institutions require you to take years of English classes. But even if it’s not your favorite discipline, it is crucial to be good to yourself. Junk food, lack of sleep and fresh air, little or no physical activity, tons of coffee – all these issues are a waste of time. No matter how important academic progress is for you, staying healthy is the most important thing in entire life!