The digital market is shaping a new future and adding dimensions to existing ways of conducting business. This holds good in case of online sports betting as well where some traditional methods have found their way on the online platform under a new casing while other new ways have been incorporated. A little mindfulness and proper understanding of the different ways of betting simplifies your task to put your money in the right place.

With Betway Kenya, for instance, you have it easier than ever before. The Betway Kenya app will guide you on how to place your bets on different sports, and what ate the odds of winning. Lesser odds of winning makes it more valuable when you try your luck in Betway, and if you guess it right, you win big!

The Top Ways to Place Your Bets

A guide familiarizing you with the different ways of sports betting online is represented below:

  1. Fixed Odds Betting

Among the most traditional and popularly used methods is the fixed odds betting. Under this type, the rookies predict whether a team/individual will win or lose a match or how many goals a particular player will score in a match so on and so forth. If predicted correctly, rookie gets paid and if not he loses the money put at stake.

  1. Spread Betting

Here, you bet on a number and you win based on your accuracy. It’s not a simple win or loss outcome that we are looking at here. You place your money on whether a specified outcome in a game will result in above or below the spread number.

For example, in a game of basketball, an online betting site predicts the number of points scored between 120-140. Bettor chooses to ‘buy’ at 140 if they think the team will score more than 140, or sell at 120 if they think the team will score less than 120. If the team scores 190, the rookie will have won. On the other hand, a score of 90 means that the bettor would lose 50 unit points. That’s not all that they would lose though. This number will be multiplied by their initial stake. It’s why spread betting has to be played carefully, since the stakes can be large.

  1. Live Betting

As the name itself suggests, live betting takes place during the course of a live sporting event. Wagers are made on different aspects of the game, from start to end of the match which spreads out the risk involved into smaller fragments. This has been enabled only due to the possibility of online platform laid for sports betting.

  1. E-Sports Betting

Video games are not entirely new to the sporting scene however, competing online with players across the globe against a prize money at stake is fairly new in the gaming market. Electronic sports is the next big thing in terms of revenue generation. For instance, Counter Strike is a video game that led to a rage in the market in a very short time. E-Sporting is not just limited to the participating individuals/teams and have also engaged audience viewership through live-streaming.