The classic definition of content marketing is that it is the creation, distribution, and curation of content that will affect the purchasing behavior of a given audience.

In other words, you talk to the consumer in a language that is understandable to him, give him new knowledge and skills in your niche, answer all his questions, and not directly, but very tactfully and delicately sell something. But for this considerable power, you need to invest in producing content. Usually, it’s time and money. Think about how you will convey your content to the user, whether there is a target action in your content, for which stage of the sales funnel you create a specific content unit. Turn to custom essay writing service and see how do they cope with these tasks.

The task of a content marketer is not so easy, and here we’ll see what benefits such a simple occupation like writing essays and other stages that precede it may bring to even already professional worker.

Read a lot

Read and not only what is written on the net. Special and fiction literature enriches vocabulary, pumps literacy, develops imagination, opens up a space of options for the presentation of thoughts on paper or a Google sheet. It is doubtful that the writer can be a PRO which does not read.

Write a lot

Unfortunately, the skill of writing is not similar to the ability to ride a bike. Without exercising it dies off. Even if it is your responsibility to exclusively generate ideas, create tasks and give them to the work of copywriters, you should write anyway. Write fairy tales for children. Write posts for friends. Write a blog for yourself. Write articles to order. Write cards for customers. Feel like you’re overgrown and the level is not yours? Try to write 50 unique selling cards to the same product, each model of which is distinguished by one unobtrusive stitch. At a minimum, you will remember that being a copywriter is not easy. As a maximum, feel proud of yourself.

Develop associative and imaginative thinking

Board games help a lot. The French “Dixit” will give you an exciting pastime, an explosion of positive emotions, and at the same time help you turn on both hemispheres of the brain. Another good option is the tool of psychologists – metaphorical associative cards. Having spent an hour associating with a psychologist or a coach, you will pump up your imagination and find an unexpectedly simple and effective solution to a problem that hasn’t allowed you to sleep for a month.

Develop your vocabulary

The variability of the language will give you the opportunity to write the text of any complexity unique and exciting. How to do it? Start a ritual once a week to play in the game of “Monofon” with the colleagues. Each of the players writes a coherent, meaningful text for at least three sentences. An essential condition: all words in the article begin with one letter. The initial stupor turns into a children’s delight, and your texts become light and tasty. This game is being practiced continuously by specialists from Write my essay today.

Look for flaws

Daily work on the content of your site or sites of the same clients leads to the “blurring” of the eyes. It seems that everything is fine, good, useful, interesting and beautiful. Perhaps you’re right. But to check this, open a dozen sites of any subject and conduct a content audit. Try to find as many blunders, errors, inconsistencies, boring texts and “ugly” pictures as possible. Make a list, and then return to your resource. Running through the list, you will be surprised how you did not notice before. Well, or, once again, feel a surge of pride in yourself.

Invest in yourself

Agree that the content manager is a universal combat unit. You need to know the subtleties of copywriting, SEO, PPC, SMM, marketing in all its variations, psychology and the list goes on and on. Where, how, when and from whom to study – is your choice.

Switch over

If you write the text yourself, then set aside after writing. Do something else: chat with colleagues, read Writing Guru blogs, take a walk, drink coffee, and only then proceed to edit. If you start editing right away, you may not even notice apparent errors. It is better to do the same after collecting the material for the article or getting the task “generate 100 topics for the blog.” While you are physically distracted, the brain works on a subconscious level. This approach ensures easy work in the stream and, as a result, a good result.

Create a brand

Develop your style. Keep a blog. Attend themed conferences. Participate in discussions on the forums. Leave comments under posts in social networks. Share your knowledge in video format. Be active. Write!

Write and remember that the primary tool for creating content is yourself! Grow, and you will succeed!