Browsing through e-commerce websites, wooing over products, and finally picking the right thing is fun. But it can quickly get to nerves if the vendors won’t agree to ship to your place or the state you reside in.

This annoying problem is often faced by residents of the United Kingdom (UK) when ordering items from foreign countries, particularly the United States (US).

Products like makeup, fashion, and other accessories are sold at relatively cheaper rates in the US which attracts customers from all over the world. But more often than not, vendors would straight up decline shipping international.

Apart from this, it is better to understand the regulations the UK has in place when bringing items into the Kingdom. There’s a high chance your item might be subjected to additional fees, taxes, or worse, it could be confiscated if not brought through the right means.

However, seldom a vendor considers the VAT and customs taxes as part of international sales and you might have to take care of them on your own end.

And, with luck, if you do find a vendor ready to ship to your destination, you’d probably be regretting the service charges or the shipping charges they ask for to ship US to UK.

Other than the outrageous service charges, most of these products go untracked. So, you’ll be wondering if your product is ever going to make it here. Since you might be required to pay before you get the product, it’s often an unavoidable gamble.

Are you looking for a solution which costs way lesser and allows you to have tracked parcels, which you can safely get at your doorstep or any other destination?

This is where, the leading shipping service, Ship7, comes into the picture. Why go through the hassle of arguing with vendors when you can easily Ship US to UK from the comfort of your home?

Ship7 only asks you for a simple signup to their service. In turn, they assign you a valid US address (under your name). Now, you can simply purchase products from any vendor in the US. Pay for the goods you’ve purchased and have them delivered.

From there on, Ship7 takes over the work for you and makes sure the product is safely shipped from the US to UK. To ensure proper shipment and the security of the product, extensive measures are taken to pack the product and ship it back.

In case you’re not looking for immediate delivery, your packages can be held with Ship7 for two months and you may then ship it later in bulk.

To get a quick idea of the pricing for shipment through Ship7, head over to their pricing feature. Choosing them for the deliverance of orders also includes the following perks:

  • Discounts on shipping multiple products in a single shipment
  • Safe package deliveries all over the world
  • Keep the packages secure on US address

To sum it all up, Ship7 is the easiest way out if you’re looking to ship an item from the US to UK.