Students buy dissertations to score better grades. But, improving your writing skills will benefit you in the long run. Apart from saving you money, these skills will enable you to present unique and fresh ideas in essays regardless of the topics.

Generally, writing shouldn’t be a tortuous task. With motivation and little determination, you will improve your skills and achieve better results in academics. But, to perfect essay writing skills, you need to practice more. That’s because when you write more, you become more knowledgeable in terms of essay writing tricks.

Here are techniques that will enable you to improve your skills:


You’ve probably heard that practice makes perfect. The more you practice doing something, the more your work becomes perfect. This is particularly true in essay writing. You produce quality work when you practice writing better essays. Therefore, take time to practice writing essays on different topics. You can do this during your free time. Even if you have a tight schedule, get time to practice.

Analyze Essay Assignment

Before you start writing your essay, analyze the task. Basically, read the essay question and analyze the topic and instructions. Identify keywords that the educator wants you to use. There are three basic keywords that you should look for in an essay assignment.

These are:

Content words- These reveal the essay topic.
Instruction words- These reveal how the essay should be written e.g. discuss, argue, and describe.
Limiting words- These restrict the scope or breadth of the topic or subject matter.
To know what the essay assignment requires you to do, read its criteria and rewrite the question in words that you understand better. Many students are buying college essays because they don’t understand the assigned essay questions.

Read Essays by Other People

When practicing, give other people your essays to read and read theirs. Ask them to highlight mistakes in your work. This is particularly helpful when you have a study group. It’s also important that you read essays from established academicians in different disciplines and on varied subjects. This will enable you to know the best way to develop arguments, present ideas, and determine the best style for writing essays. Read essays by other people critically. For instance, what do you like or dislike about the essays? How do they present arguments? Have essay writers used techniques that are new to you? Read opinion pieces and broadsheet newspapers to learn different essay writing styles. Also, visit sites like to read sample essays online.

Use Active Voice

Though some students have brilliant ideas and points, they don’t write great essays because they don’t know how to present them. Basically, many students use passive voice in their essays. However, great essays are written in an active voice. Therefore, to improve your essay writing skills, use active voice. For instance, don’t say “Grandmother’s kitchen was cleaned by Mary”. This is passive voice. Instead, say “Mary cleaned grandmother’s kitchen”. This is active voice. Passive voice should be used when the person that does an action is not known.

Avoid Repetition

Although writing a five-page essay on a single character or idea might seem difficult at first, avoid repetition. Repeating the same nausea and words in your essays will make readers conclude that you don’t conduct research before you write essays. This will depict you as a lazy writer. Therefore, eliminate repetitive phrases and words in your write-ups.

Trite Phrases

A major reason why students are buying college essays is the inability to write fresh and original content. To improve your skills in essay writing, learn to delete clichés and idioms in your write-ups. Readers want to read original content that presents unique ideas and thoughts. They don’t want canned or processed sentiments.

Therefore, learn to replace mundane words in your essays with clever words. Avoid metaphors and similes, especially the common ones. Although some of these may make sense in your argument, they won’t impress an experienced essay reader. Essentially, focus on depicting creativity with your diction to perfect your writing skills.

Edit Your Work

To improve your skills, practice careful editing of your essays. When possible, put the essay aside after writing and edit it later. This will allow you time to reason about the way you answered the essay question or presented your argument. Thus, you will get back to your work with a different perspective.

If you find faults in your work, don’t panic. This is an important part of the learning process. In fact, you may realize that your essay needs more information to sound complete. You may also notice holes in your argument. Whatever the case, be calm and focus on fixing problems in your essay. Check the overall structure of the essay and how you presented your main points. Make sure that you have explained main points and supported them with evidence. Check spelling, punctuation, transition signals, and logical sequence.

Basically, these techniques will help improve your essay writing skills. If unable to write or edit your essay, seek professional assistance help.