The country of Kenya is located in Eastern Africa. The country is home to more than 49 million people. As one of the most powerful economic countries in Africa, Kenya is growing at a rapid pace. While still developing, the country’s infrastructure and society is amazing. Kenyans are very proud of their country. While many still live in poor conditions, they are still very optimistic about the future of their country.

The Capital

Thousands of businessmen and women visit the capital of Kenya every year. Nairobi, the largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in Kenya, is home to more than 3.3 million people. Starting as a Ugandian Railway camp in 1899, Nairobi has grown into one of the largest cities in Africa. 

Entry Requirements

Visiting Kenya for Americans and Europeans is as simple as obtaining a visa. However, it is possible to gain entrance into the country without a visa. Since the yellow fever certificate is no longer a requirement to enter Kenya for foreign tourist from North America, Asia, and Europe, the entry process is much simpler. 

Most British and American tourist can enter the country without a visa. However, it is recommended to verify the entry requirements before booking travel accommodations. For foreign travelers who reside in a country where yellow flu is active, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is a requirement.

Since the trip will take about 17-1/2 hours from America, passengers should bring along some type of entertainment. If you enjoy playing pokies, you can spend your time trying to score your first deposit bonus. Others can play their favorite video games on their smartphones and tablets.

Mass Cancellations After Al Shabaab Attack

If you are like most Africans then there is a good chance that you have been glued to your TV screen for the past few days. Heck, most of the world’s population is finding themselves glued to their TV sets in anticipation of a response from the events that took place in Kenya. The chilling and detailed testimonies of the survivors alone are enough to chill even the most hardened individual right to the bone.

And, this is why the area is expecting and preparing for massive tourist cancellations. Tourism has also been a huge contributing factor for Kenya and unfortunately, this is something that has been on the decline since 2013 when al Shabaab took over a Nairobi mall, killing 67 innocent souls after a four-day blood-fueled siege.

Well, it looks like these latest tourist setbacks can also be contributed to the militant group, al Shabaab. This time the Somalian group hunted down and killed 148 students at a local Kenyan university campus. The repeat attacks along with the travel warnings issued by Britain, the United States, as well as Australia have been enough to deter tourist and make a huge impact on the Kenyan economy.


The Running Kenyan Tribe Only Makes Up 8% Of The Population

If you are like most people, you probably have a firm belief that most Kenyans are runners. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to run around as a tourist asking every Kenyan if they like to run. There is only one tribe in Kenyan that is highly known for their running and they only make up right around eight percent of the total population. The rest of the Kenyan population is in awe of the athletic prowess of this tribe as much as the common outsider.

Be Cautious Of Asking About Tribes

You will probably want to see this running tribe, but that doesn’t mean you should run around asking every Kenyan what tribe they are from. Most Kenyans are understanding and fair natured, but bringing up tribes and ceremonial rites in every breath is going to cause their patience to run short. It is not necessarily offensive, but many of the locals consider it a bit weird and that is why it is best to avoid the conversation altogether.

Kenyans Now Targeting Chinese Tourist

There is no denying that many Kenyans have made a great living due to the tourist expositions of the western world. Unfortunately, the latest of attacks and warnings issued from the west have all but put a screeching halt to this. This is why the Kenya Tourism Board is looking to draw visitors from other parts of the world. They are now targeting big Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Just last week this board organized a Trade Forum roadshow that attracted over 110 online travel agencies. The concept behind the forum was to get the Chinese culture off the mindset that Kenya is only a seasonal travel destination. The Kenya Tourism Board wants Chinese citizens to know that they can travel to the area year-round.