Construction management software is creating their place in the construction industry aggressively. These cloud-based technologies are making project management an easier task. It is a collaborative system that connects people, devices and all applications in the workspace. Building a healthy work environment that allows all the employees of the project to visualize the impact of their work is a critical thing. Procore is honored to be rated as the leading software of 2019 with its improved visibility, boosted profits and a focus on the growth of the project.

Procore- A leading Software

Procore streamlines the project communication and its documentation that leads to a drastic increase in efficiency of the project. By having access to real-time data, it helps in minimizing future risks and diminishes any chances of delay in completion of the project. It has become the top priority of countless constructions companies be it residential or commercial complexes, industrial plants, and many other sectors.   

The company which was initially headquartered at Montecito, CA started with six employees in 2003. It is consistently rising with each passing year and extended its offices in 2015. The founder and CEO of the top-rated construction management software – Procore is Tooey Courtemanche.

How Procore became so successful?

Procore is designed to work on three main principles – listen to customer queries, develop easy solutions to the raised issues and ensure that clients are using products instantly. More than a million users are registered on the top-rated suite. The business model is equipped with products useful for easy project management, ensuring quality and safety measures, financing, and also helps in increasing field productivity. The user-centric app is easy to use and allows you to analyze site location at anytime from anywhere. It is the best platform for properly managing construction processes that easily solves issues with practical solutions.

Everything on the same platform

Starting from tendering to completion of the project all is done on the single platform. It connects the business applications and all the needful information at a single place. How to write an RFI in construction is easy with Procore software that helps to run the project smoothly and on the set schedule. You get access to view your relevant data and regulate your operations. By gaining the insight of progress, you can make the necessary changes to complete your task efficiently.

Fully Secure Application

Without worrying a bit, you can access, manage, store and even share your project’s information as Procore’s gold standard security protocols secure it completely. Complete project information is safe with AES-256-bit encryption. Regular data backups are taken, granular permission levels and auto user tracking makes it more worth.

A brief view of Procore’s Action

“The One” in Toronto, Ontario is the tallest residential construction with 1000 feet in Canada. It was a complex project with up to 4000 subcontractors. Mizrahi Developments and Clark Construction Management were looking for a solution that ties all construction products together on a single platform. The only tool that fits their requirements was “Procore.”

Manage your projects with ease and attain profits by using this leading construction management software that gives you frictionless construction throughout your business lifecycle.