Hong Kong has announced the World of Winners campaign that it will give away free 500,000 air tickets to travellers. Hong Kong is hoping to use the campaign to promote the recovery of its aviation industry, tourism and economy.

Through the campaign, 500,000 air tickets will be given away to travellers. The tickets will be distributed in phases by three airlines i.e. Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong Airlines. A certain portion of the tickets will be provided to the travel trade and government bodies for promoting tourism and Hong Kong.

The tickets will be economy class and will be free but those who get the tickets will still have to pay all related surcharges, fees and taxes.

The free air tickets will be distributed over 6 months; from March 1 and until September 2023. The campaign will be rolled out in phases and as follows;


Markets Timeline (2023)
Southeast Asia (for inbound) 1 March onwards
Mainland China (for inbound) April onwards
Northeast Asia (for inbound) May onwards
Hong Kong (for outbound) July onwards
Other markets (for inbound) May onwards


How to win the free tickets

The participating airlines i.e. Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong Airlines will announce how to participate in the free air tickets campaign based on the planned rollout as listed above.

The ticket will be given away by different type of activities such as lucky draw, first-come-first-served, or “Buy 1 or more – Get 1 Free”, as arranged by the airlines.

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For Kenyans travelling to Hong Kong

Kenyans can visit Hong Kong for a duration of 90 days without a visa. Kenyan tourists who wish to stay longer than the 90 day period can apply and pay for an extension at the Hong Kong immigration department.