The majority of digital marketing endeavors are aimed at increasing the lead generation rate and attracting as many new customers as possible. However, if you have been doing it for some time, then you know that it’s easier said than done.

Lead generation takes finesse. After all, not only you have to attract a massive number of high-quality visitors to your website, you have to also convince them to stay and learn about your products/services. Even then your job is not done as you have to ensure that they leave their personal information with you so that you can contact them later and nurture them until they convert into paying customers. The amount of work that goes into digital marketing, as apparent now, makes it easier to understand why most businesses fail within the first 3 years.

If you are having a hard time generating enough leads from your blog or website, then the following are 5 highly effective methods that you can try for a significant improvement:

1. Publish Quality Content

Content is ubiquitous on the Internet. However, what differentiates successful websites from the sub-par websites is the quality of this content.
So, if you publish generic videos, blogs, etc. that have nothing special about them, are uninteresting and/or not useful/informative enough, your traffic won’t be incentivized to check them out. However, if you work on creating content that’s refined, unique and helps your organic traffic learn about a certain subject/industry, then you stand a good chance of converting many of your website visitors into high-quality leads.

2. Create a Strong Brand

There are all kinds of websites available on the Internet today. For every niche, there are hundreds or thousands of SMEs and large corporations that have their own online entities which you have to compete with. So, what can you do to stand out? For starters, you can create a unique brand.

In today’s cut-throat competition that every emerging business eventually faces, branding is everything. And mind it, branding isn’t just about creating a company logo and slapping it on your website/blog/social media pages, etc. A powerful brand that actually makes a difference takes a more comprehensive and in-depth approach.

What you need is a proper branding suite complete with all the necessary tools that can help you make a high-quality presentation, professional logo, social media banners, business deck, landing pages, and tons of customization options because you will need to modify your branding from time to time depending on the festivals, current events, etc.

When your brand grows stronger, it becomes easier to attract new leads as they learn to associate your business with professionalism and a certain class that makes it stand out from the rest.

3. Realize the Power of FOMO

FOMO i.e. Fear of Missing Out is a powerful marketing tool based on decision theory that’s often studied under behavioral economics. It leverages the fact that people don’t like to miss out on opportunities or face losses.

Here is an interesting experiment you can conduct. Take one of your major landing pages and add a countdown timer with an offer (an ebook or a service). When your visitors will see that there is a limited time to receive the benefit, they will fear missing out on it and sign up for the newsletter or download the free ebook you have put up for grabs.

FOMO may have some shadowy connotations to it but truth is that it works, and it can greatly boost lead generation for your business.

4. Capitalize Social Media Platforms

Today, social media is active more than ever. In fact, it’s actually giving some serious competition to traditional media including Television and Newspapers as we see a paradigm shift in media consumption. However, the key to generating leads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to be more responsive and helpful towards your target demographic.
Your current customers expect you to address their problems on the social media platforms. Similarly, your leads may send you a message on Facebook or comment on a photo that you shared (may or may not be related to the comment) to inquire about a certain service you are offering, or simply raise a query about your industry in general.

When you respond to comments and messages on social media platforms, you become closer to your customers. You also show that you care for them and are willing to go that extra mile to give them a top-notch personalized service. This, in turn, nudges your leads in the right direction and attracts new customers.

5. Monitor, Measure, Modify

The job of a digital marketer is never done. Not only your lead generation efforts must stay in place at all times, you need to make changes in your strategy from time to time too. Thus, remember the three Ms:
• Monitor your campaigns on a regular basis
• Measure the performance of your campaigns, and especially keep an eye on the website conversion rate
• Modify your campaigns based on the data you collect. Do more of what’s getting good results and scrap the tactics that are not helpful.

No matter which industry you are in, you must be prepared for a lot of competition. It doesn’t help that the average online user has an attention span of mere 8 seconds. Thus, every single effort counts. That said, if you stay focused and adapt with the changing mechanics of the digital media, you can push the lead generation rate over time.