They say the secret to feeling good is looking good. It doesn’t matter what you have been told. Looks do matter more so for a woman, they are the root to confidence and self-esteem. With hair being an important part of a woman’s look, L’oreal has launched a real breakthrough technology in the hair industry called Mizani Bond pHorce. This product allows African women to realize their dream of having long, healthy and shiny hair through hair pH management. Mizani which translates to balance, is the concept behind the brand. The product creates the perfect balance of protein and moisture to manage African hairstyles.

One of the things that most people don’t realize is that our hair, like the rest of the body has a recommended pH. This affects how long or short, how strong or weak and how shiny or dull our hair will be. Mizani bond pHorce, brings back your hair gradually to its ideal pH which is 4.5-5.5. With a unique blend of Maleic and Citric Acids, this product helps stop the breakage of disulphide bonds in your hair immediately, preventing hair from being over-processed especially when relaxing, dyeing and consequently heat damage.

Stylists dealing with Mizani are trained through a unique process specializing in African hair. During the training there is an emphasis on education, salon profitability and state of the art hairdressing techniques available to consumers through global premium salons. This ensures that clients have quality service.

Because Mizani provides your hair and scalp with the ideal balance of protein and moisture, Bond pHorce texture services enables you to change your hairstyle as frequently as you want without worry or having to compromise it.

They include:

  • The Relaxer pHorce relaxes and protects your hair from breakage for a healthy straight  look.
  • The Texturizer pHorce loosens your curls for a shiny, bouncy and easy natural look.
  • The Transition pHorce softens and protects your hair transitioning adventures for greater manageability.
  • The Braids and weaves pHorce protects and strengthens your hair before you braid or weave it.
  • The deep treatment pHorce can restore and repair with ultimate care, relaxed hair

With Mizani, it is not only the clients who have been benefiting. In the two years that Mizani has operated Kenya, the brand has created a quality label for the community through a network of professional salons, dubbed Salon Experts which are high standard guarantee salons thanks to their professional training. L’oreal has trained thousands of salon professionals across the country and equipped them with knowledge, trends and techniques to further elevate the profession. It has also helped salons establish and develop a digital presence by coming up with digital drives to salons and events to promote the salon experts. Salons around Nairobi already benefitting from these services include Urban Hair Nairobi, Posh Palace Kenya and Amadiva salon.

For all its awesomeness, some ladies have not quite taken to the product, this is due to the fact that it is considered expensive. But what I believe is that it provides value for money due to its quality. It does not make sense for one to use cheap products which end up ruining your hair and you have to spend more trying to fix. In the long run it is better to use the right products that will ensure healthy and beautiful hair. As they say cheap is expensive, so next time you want to do your hair consider using Mizani Bond pHorce for quality results.