Bidpesa; Kenya’s latest e-commerce platform offers amazing deals


The latest e-commerce platform in Kenya is Bidpesa that uses bidding as an approach to sell its items. The online auction platform starts with the unbelievable price of upto 95% off its products. It also provides free delivery the following day after your purchase. Users are required to place a bid on the advertised product, consequently raising the auction price by Ksh. 1 for each bid made.

A Bidpesa user recently bid for an iPhone 6 Plus worth Ksh. 63,0000 & got it for only Ksh. 161.

Here is how to get started on Bidpesa.

1. Create an account with Bidpesa

One has the option of using either their email address or Facebook account for registration. The process is quick (you only need to fill in five fields) so it won’t be long before you start bidding.

2. How it works

Upon creation of your account, you are given 5 free ‘bids’. Each ‘bid’ costs Ksh. 10 but has a value of Ksh. 1 at the auction.

If you ran out of bids, there is the option of purchasing some more via M-Pesa paybill number 748604. The account number is bidpesa.

The item on auction is there for a pre-determined time. The timer at the bottom of the item on auction shows you how much time you have left to bid.

A green sleeve on the top left corner of the item indicates the last day of auction for that item.

You can also add certain items to your ‘Watchlist’ to follow the auction.

If bidding and waiting for the clock to hit zero isn’t your cup of tea, then you can click on the image to buy it at the market price.

3. Successful bidders

If you were the last bidder when the clock hit zero, then you have the option of getting the item at the price you bid for or to sell the item back to Bidpesa at 20% less.

4. Unsuccessful bidders

If you were unsuccessful at the bid (you were not the last bidder when the clock hit zero), but still want to buy the item, then all you need to do is top up the remaining balance on the bid price to buy the item at market value.

Click here to set up your free account.

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