Men are known for taking extremely good care of their cars and motor bikes but not their clothes. Other than the expensive suit that has to be taken to the dry cleaners, everything else is left to the mercy of mama nguo. I am even willing to bet that a majority of men have never even bothered to check on the laundry instructions label usually sewn on the inside of clothes. What our brothers don’t realize is that taking proper care of their clothes ensures that they’ll easily take care of them for years to come. This however means men’s clothes don’t last for long before starting to look drab and worn out.

Here are a few tips that men can apply to help you’re their clothes to last for long and make them look as dapper as ever;

Purchase quality

It’s always a great idea to purchase quality clothing. By spending more on quality pieces of clothing that never go out of style, you can create a solid base wardrobe with longevity in mind. You can then add in cheaper, trendier pieces for a season or two as you go on. Quality clothing is assured of lasting longer thanks to thicker fabrics and better construction.

Also endeavor to make a budget for clothing and thereafter decide on how to apportion it. You can set aside some money for trendy and fashionable items but also reserve some cash for pieces that are bound to stand the test of time. Some of the clothes and items you should invest in include the following:

  • A Two-piece business suit or two
  • Classic trench coats
  • Solid crew neck sweaters
  • Perfect black leather jackets
  • Comfortable, well-made shoes
  • Well-fitting jeans
  • A few crisp button-up shirts among others.

When you are clothes shopping, look for clues that an item is made to last  and remember, price isn’t the only indicator. Instead try to look for attention to detail, as well as tight seams and buttons. If the material is overly thin or you see loose threads, buttons or snags, these are clues that an item may not be very well made.

Paying Attention to Laundering Instructions

That tag found on the neck or down the side seam of your shirt is not for decoration. It gives you a garment’s laundering instructions, which are designed to ensure that it stays in great shape.

If you know you hate hand-washing and line-drying which I think applies to a majority of men, avoid buying clothes that require special care. You are better off spending your money on sturdier items. Clothing that requires dry cleaning unless it is a suit, could cost more in the long run  especially if you choose to ignore care instructions and end up ruining it.

Learning Basic Repairs

Learning to complete basic repairs on your clothing, such as replacing a loose thread or a missing button. This can make them last longer and save you a ton of money. If you ever did home science in primary school, this should not be a problem.

This is because no matter how careful you are there will always be fallen hems or buttons that pop off which can take shirts and pants out of commission. One can always take their clothes to the tailor, but why spend the money if you can do it on your own?

A simple sewing kit costs a few shillings and by stocking scissors, a variety of needle sizes, and thread you’re good to go. Even if you’ve never sewed before, online videos on YouTube can teach you everything you need to know.

Investing in better hangers

Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments, which means they won’t lay nicely on your body. Consider investing in better hangers with wood or plush arms, these help garments keep their shape. This especially applies to suits and leather jackets.

Avoiding the Floppy Collar Syndrome

Collar stays are more important than you think. Sadly, I have seen quite a number of men in Nairobi with saggy collars. The collar frames your face and when they start to sag, they make you look sloppy.

So how does one maintain their shirt collars inexpensively? Most of the time, a standard shirt comes with a couple pairs of collar stays that is the plastic strips behind the collar. These features usually keep the collar in shape. Some are already sewn in while others can be removed so just don’t throw them away. For shirts that you don’t wear most of the time, insert the collar stay and keep your shirts from looking sad and droopy

Washing clothes as little as possible

I know this comes to the rescue of very many bachelors who do not like to do their own laundry.  Thing is washing your clothes too often makes them wear out much faster.

Constantly washing the same clothes over and over again leads to them getting faded or shrunk in a very short time. Minimize this by only washing when necessary. This doesn’t mean that you keep wearing the same trousers every day of the week, but it also doesn’t mean that you wash you denim pants every time you wear them

Endeavor to give your clothes a break. That blue shirt might be what brings out your abs or eyes and the ladies just can’t stop staring, but don’t wear that shirt every day. Give some of your favorite clothes a break for several days and you’ll notice the difference.

Getting a pair of Shoe trees

A shoe tree helps your shoes to stop developing creases, controlling odor and absorbing moisture that may have built up during the day. Investing in a good pair will help your shoes feel brand new every time you wear them.

Buying two sets would be nice, but you really only need one. At the end of the day, place them in your shoes. The next day, take them out of the pair from yesterday and put them in your newly-worn pair and you’re good to go!

You can find shoe trees at selected stores or have them delivered after buying them online.