If you are an avid user of the online classifieds company OLX, you probably have had to organise with the seller or buyer on how to transport the goods purchased. In such a situation you have to employ the services of a  delivery company  or  pick the goods yourself which is usually hectic. To save the situation OLX has now partnered with G4S, a secure logistics company to ease the process of delivery of goods. This service will be optional for all  users, who will be able to transact as they previously have. However if you decide to use G4S you will be amazed at the  subsidized rates for the delivery of goods to your door step. There will also be the option of using a G4S collection center near you for dispatch to the buyer within the Nairobi region.

G4S Secure Logistics Director Geoffrey Mwove  says that they will go out of their way to ensure security for the customers who opt to use their services. The seller will be asked to set a security question that is to be answered by the buyer upon collection of the package. The seller will then be issued with a receipt as proof of handing over a package. Once the buyer receives the package, they will be required to provide necessary identification documents including original ID/ Passport. G4S will then confirm to the seller that the goods have been delivered to the correct recipient.

Having done that , the buyer will pay the seller for the goods using a mobile money transfer platform. The delivery fee can be settled by the buyer or seller depending on their agreement prior to the transaction. The seller can pay for it once the buyer has confirmed receipt of the goods or have the buyer pay for it upon delivery. The delivery fee rates have been segmented into two ; the small item(1-5 Kgs)  and bulk category (above 5kgs) . There will be a flat rate for the delivery of small items while the bulk will have a variable rate for every extra kilo.

This is good news for individuals/companies that rely heavily on OLX for their daily transactions.This service is however only available for residents in the Nairobi area during a 3 months trial period before proceeding to the rest of the counties.

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