A stricter focus on regulatory compliance and corporate governance throughout Africa – including Kenya – is driving demand for enterprise resource planning, human resources, and payroll software across the continent.

Lawmakers and regulators in Kenya and other parts of the continent are seeking to make their economies more competitive by aligning them with international accounting, labour and corporate governance standards. This is according to Nikki Summers, Sage Pastel’s East Africa Regional Manager.

Summers was speaking ahead of Sage Evolution ERP Day Kenya which is scheduled for 19 June, where Sage Evolution ERP and Sage HR Africa will present the latest innovations in their software.

“Kenyan businesses of all sizes are being put under significant pressure to improve financial controls and regulatory compliance,” says Summers. “As a result, we’re seeing demand grow for business software among start-ups as well as for existing companies that have not yet automated their processes or whose technology is outdated.”

Organisation in the public and private sector are being urged to move to automated payroll software. This will help them to ensure accurate calculations and keeps them up to date with the latest legislative changes. By automating payroll and HR processes, Kenyan companies can save time, work more efficiently and focus on growing their businesses rather than on doing manual paperwork.

Without robust payroll systems and processes, companies cannot meet regulatory requirements such as remitting various payroll taxes and levies in a timely manner.