Dubai is keen on using innovation to enhance how locals and visitors experience the city. This week, the city launched another innovation to its belt with the first smart park called Mamzar Park.

Developed by Dubai Municipality, Mamzar park has smart features such as smart paint which has nano technology which will purify the air in the park. The park also has an oasis which is a shaded area which is fitted with solar powered systems. These will enable park users to have access to portable fresh water which is made from humid air. The water is safe to drink and 90 litres are produced daily.

People who love their devises will not need to worry about going low on batteries while at the park. The benches at the park are solar powered smart benches which allow users to use wireless charging for their devises. The benches also have wi-fi which allow you to stay connected.

Parents will be at ease with their young children running around the park as it uses ‘Haris’, an innovative band that will allow parents to track their children.

Other smart innovations at the park

Smart trash cans which send out an alert when they need to be emptied.

Smart scanner

The smart scanning technology collects data at the park concerning trees and plants and uses the data to maintain them through aerial imagery analysis, park maps, thermal maps and carbon emission ratios. The data also helps in plant classification and detection of any tree diseases.

Al Mamzar Park App

Of course, the smartest park has an app! The app allows users to get a virtual tour of the park and is available on Google Play. It also provides information about the park and its facilities.