With one of the most competitive businesses today the restaurant industry, it stands to reason that being competitive means have the best software for all aspects of any restaurant management needs for optimal overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Employee scheduling and staffing

A restaurant will not run efficiently if the proper staffing is not in place. A software that is made to help management with maintaining the staff they need is an integral part of the restaurant operations. It will produce flexible schedules no matter the number of employees and allow staff to remotely request days off including when they are available for future schedules. It should also include a labor costs calculator that will give a bottom-line number of employee cost as well as calculate the savings in creating different scheduling scenarios.

Distribution and franchise management

It does not matter if a restaurant is already an established entity and considering franchise expansion or has several locations in place, incorporating this type of software into a company’s software resources will give management the opportunity to explore expansion as well as properly maintain it if it already in place. Exploration with this software includes inputting information about new markets, and the ability to customize marketing and sales products and services for existing franchise locations to optimize that area’s customer base. Reports can be set up to be sent weekly, monthly, or even on a daily basis depending upon the type of pipeline reports you may be interested in generating.

Billing system

There is not a restaurant that cannot run successfully without a restaurant accounting and bookkeeping system that keeps track of not only the point of sale transactions but payroll as well. This might include keeping track of paid break time, missed shifts, overtime, and all timesheets. It should also identify errors when they occur in all aspects of the billing system.

Employee regulations and compliance

With a variety of restaurant positions comes a multitude of employee state and local regulations that need to be in place. Showing proof to local or state officials who are sometimes unannounced visitors, can be the difference between being shut down until further notice or remaining open. It can keep track of regulatory deadlines and keep forms on hand and up-to-date based on the current state and local regulatory laws. The best software will also organize all human resource paperwork and secure it in an encrypted location.

Customer management

With so many multi-faceted platforms today, that can service a restaurant customer, it is imperative to have a software in place that can manage multiple devices and types of customer service platforms all at once with very little human input. This software should give customer’s a means to view the restaurant menu, order easily, and receive their orders in a timely manner and without errors. On the back end, it should give restaurant management teams the analytics they need for each of the separate customer platforms including mobile apps, real-time point of sale, and through third-party platforms to determine what improvements might need to be made to the systems or other factors involved in the process.