The Great Rift Valley runs 6,400km long from Jordan, through Eastern Africa to Southeastern Africa, a natural landscape worth viewing during a visit to Kenya. The country is home to the big five, which supports the Great Lakes network, and has 64 lakes, according to Rhino Africa. Road tripping gives you the chance to explore the pristine wilderness, come close to stunning wildlife, and a view of the natural landscapes, not to mention the rustic beaches and the great wildebeest migration. Going on a road trip sounds simple, but there are things you must consider when planning to make your trip enjoyable.  

Invest in the Right Car

Renting a car is the best option, whether you are road-tripping from Nairobi to the neighbouring countries or going on a cross-country tour. Although hiring a car in the country is pricey and involves strict terms and conditions, rentals give you the flexibility to travel long-distance based on your preference. Renting allows you to choose a car that fits your needs depending on how much you want to invest, size and duration of the trip. However, to ensure you shop the best, you must find a dealership willing to guide you through the shopping process of road trip vehicles.

Have a Realistic Budget

Hitting the road on a weekend or holiday vacation is cheaper than air travel, but it comes with hidden expenses. If you are not keen on your spending habits, you might get into financial problems while on the road. It is best to create a budget you can live with throughout your journey. When creating a road trip budget, include the cost of food, gas, accommodation and fun activities, you wish to engage in along the way.

Plan Your  Route 

If you are travelling with friends, don’t assume their travel style matches yours. Ask them if they prefer short or long trips with multiple stops. This step will help you determine the perfect route you and your loved ones will enjoy most. Try to map out the route before leaving to avoid confusion when travelling. Take advantage of mobile apps like Google Maps to help you mark scenic road trip routes and landmarks worth stopping and exploring.

Your safety should be a top priority. Therefore, make sure your car is in perfect condition before leaving to avoid accidents. Also, plan for bad weather and be open to unexpected changes. Once on the open road, make the most of your time by making multiple stops to explore beautiful sceneries and, if possible, interact with the locals to experience the diverse cultures in the country.