In order to ace the Microsoft 70-461 exam, you will need to build a good strategy and plan. To accomplish something in life – acing acertification test or winning a marathon race – you will need a proper plan that you have to be dedicated to. Once on National Public Radio, the speaker was telling the story of how an ordinary personwho was not trained as anathlete ran 26.2 miles. The reason behind his success was that he followed a plan to helphim build endurance and confidence. The story is remarking and gives us encouragement and motivation to face every challenge in life head-on. Just like running the marathon, passing the Microsoft 70-461 exam looks impossible and daunting. There are so many topics to cover in a limited time. It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. This article will help you develop a blueprint and give you a piece of advice on how to ace it read here .

Preparation Process

We all have heard the quotation, “study smart, not hard”, and aiming to do so, you need to get together the right equipment, books, and learning materials to make your time effective and useful. Make sure you have a properly working computer and a specially allotted workspace. Here there are a couple of things you should have access to in order to prosper in this task:


1. Dedicated workspace


If you’re going to study at work, talk to your supervisor or boss to see if he/she allows you to do that waydirectly at your desk to avoid distractions and noises. If you are studying at home, then you should work at a place where your family members do not interrupt you while focusing on your studies. That space should be neat, clean, distraction-free, and big enough to hold your laptop withbooks, pencils, and paper.


2. Updated operation system


Your computer should be one that runs Windows 7 or a more recent version. You need Windows OS so that you can install and have your copy of Microsoft SQL Server and the Adventure Works 2012 database for practice. You can install SQL Server 2014 Express Edition for free. You will also have to install the SQLServer Management Studio to view your database and write down your problems. Tolearn effectively, you need a good material resource. Studying one right book is better than studying many wrong ones. There are many great books on SQL available in the market. We recommend using SQL Queries for Mere Mortals.

After carefully preparing your workspace, you need to follow a training plan that starts slowly and advances at a steady pace.

Please note that you should prepare for the following exam objectives:

  • Creating database objects (20–25%)
  • Working with data (25–30%)
  • Modifying data (20–25%)
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing (25–30%)

Good notes will lay out what you need to learn and in what order. You can expect to understand common table expression on your first attempt with SQL. The training scheme should encourage you to start from simple to understand topics and learn the easy concepts first. This will help you set a strong base for the harder level and build confidence in yourself that you can do harder and more comprehensive subjects. Once you have your plan ready, you have to create a schedule so that you know which topics you have to cover each week. This will help you keep track of time and cover all of them before the exam. If your schedule is set out, commit yourself and start following it strictly. After the full preparation, sign up for the test so that you have a goal. Knowing that you will have to sit for the exam in a two-month tie will encourage you to study when you don’t feel like it.

The most important part is executing your scenario. If you do not do it well, all your planning will go to waste. When you study for the Microsoft 70-461 exam, remember that every second you spend learning will contribute to your success. Here are a few steps that will help you carry out your plan:


  • Strictly follow the notes


The Microsoft 70-461 exam covers many topics, that is why it is important that your plan goes over each one of them. Keep track of your schedulethat way. Thus, you will know where you left off and where to bring. Your plan will help you stay as expected and cover all the sections before the test.


  • Take practice tests


Practice tests are the best way to evaluate your concepts and preparation options. Before the exam, take multiple of thoseas they help you spot areas where you need to focus more. They give you an opportunity to identify the topics you don’t have a strong grip on. This way, you can redo them in advance. You should also schedulethese tests to know what the actual exam will be like and how you must planeverything in order to finish in time. The best practice tests can be found at the ExamSnap website.


  • Do work sample problems


Currently, active sample problems are available on the Internet. It is a great way to check your knowledge and concepts and strength what you have memorized.


  • Take a mock test


Once you have covered all the sections, taken all practice tests, and are confident in your preparation, you should definitely go for a mock exam. It will give you a glimpse of what it will be like on the day of the real exam. It will help you gain confidence in knowing your stuff and will present a final chance for you to see your weaknesses. Thus, you can address them before the test.


  • Take your sleep


You should take a couple of days off before the exam. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before the test. Relax and rest before the certification exam.


If you follow the above-mentioned tips, by the time the exam approaches, you will be ready to face it head-on. So,take a good rest, believe in yourself, have a nice healthy breakfast, and do your best. Good luck to all the candidates!