You are not the first one who wants to live abroad. People are relocating more often than you think, and you’ll be surprised to find out their destinations. The lust to relocate is born out of the desire to live in a place that offers numerous financial opportunities, comes with social amenities and that ensure safety. 

If you want to relocate you should choose a place with an emerging market that provides real opportunities for work and where the locals are welcoming new immigrants

Is Africa on your list? It should be because nowhere in the world you will feel the same hospitality and friendliness. Here is a list of the most beautiful cities in Africa, they are not only emerging markets, but they also provide countless recreational opportunities for their residents. 

Nairobi, Kenya

You may have seen Kenya only on TV in documentaries presenting its wilderness. While TV shows focus on Kenya’s natural beauty, it’s important to note that Nairobi is a great place to live thanks to its economic liberality, improved public transport, modern infrastructure, and working opportunities. 

It’s ranked as the city with the lowest stress levels in Africa because its residents benefit from all amenities they need, to have a happy life. 

Nairobi is Africa’s 4th largest city in trading volume which means you’ll have no issues to find a job even as an immigrant. Both the financial and political conditions of the place make it a great destination for families who want to relocate in a place with a rich culture. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

When you say South Africa, you think about the friendly penguins that walk around the beach. But, what you may not know is that South Africa is also a great destination for people who want to relocate. Johannesburg is its wealthiest city and it’s a great choice if you want to stay in a place with numerous career opportunities. The range of jobs is huge considering that numerous investors established their operations there. 

Many people don’t know that it’s home to the greatest man-made forest worldwide. South Africa makes efforts to protect nature and to help it recover where humans damaged it. Their eco-friendly projects are famous everywhere in the world. 

Johannesburg is a clean city, where you can breathe fresh air and feel like home thanks to its friendly locals. 

Windhoek, Namibia

Did you know that Windhoek is the social, economic, political and cultural capital of Namibia? If you haven’t been interested to find more about this country until now, you probably didn’t. Here you’ll find numerous government institutions, so you’ll benefit from numerous job opportunities. 

It’s a small city, but you’ll have all the amenities a large one has, because in its business district you can find numerous shopping malls, restaurants and bars. If you have children, you’ll be thrilled to find out that it has great educational institutions and professional healthcare services. Not only Windhoek, but entire Namibia is a great destination for the ones who want to relocate. 

Luanda, Angola

If you are an engineer then you may find Luanda a great choice to relocate because this place thrives on oil. With the help of China, it managed to develop and to provide work opportunities for its residents. Angola’s seaport is located in Luanda so the range of businesses you can choose from it’s extensive. 

You’ll spend no more than 45 minutes in traffic during a busy day in Luanda, compared with large cities, where on the average you spend more than 2 hours. 

In the last 10 years, this city has registered the greatest development in Africa and it has a good health system for both locals and immigrants. 

Gaborone, Botswana

Why is Gaborone a great place to live? Because of its flourishing industrial development and stable politics. It’s considered one of the most peaceful places in Africa. The Global Peace Index ranks Botswana as the safest country in Africa. You may find shocking that it’s safer than the USA. In 2019, the United States ranks 128th in the Global Peace Ranking and American citizens have to hire a criminal defence lawyer at least once in a lifetime because they are arrested or charged with crimes. If in the past the USA was people’s first option when they considered relocation, nowadays, African countries seem a better choice. 

The main factor that leads to economic development in Gaborone is the proceeds from diamonds. They also export beef to European countries and are famous for their recreational facilities. Tourism is another source of income for the city because it’s connected with Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. 

You’ll find that living in Gaborone allows you to have a peaceful life filled with job opportunities. 

Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

If you want to move to a place where you can breathe good air and enjoy the connection with nature then you should choose Abidjan. It’s a place famous for its green vegetation, being one of the few spots in the world the humans haven’t destroyed. The population density in Core d’Ivoire is 1,97 so this is your chance to get away from a busy town. The debt per capita reached 8.82, a high percent compared with the world’s average one, but this aspect doesn’t overwhelm people, proof being the low rate of mental health problems.  

You don’t have to be rich to live in Abidjan, you can live a decent life with the income you get from a day-to-day job. If you need extra income, you should invest in agriculture because it’s a profitable domain. Actually, the majority of people in Cote D’Ivoire prefer to work in agriculture instead of getting an office job.  

Accra, Ghana

Do you picture driving a classic car in a modern city? If the answer is yes, Accra is the place where you should move because it’s a flourishing place. It’s the main vacation destination for high-income Africans because most of them have purchased vacation homes in Accra. As an immigrant, you’ll have no issues to adapt because the Ghanaians are friendly people and they’ll make you feel like home. 

The above places are the best to live in Africa, so if you want to relocate you should choose one of them.