The Yee Peng festival is around the corner, and the chances are that you are super hyped about it. It is a perfect time to unwind and have a fun evening as you drink and do all the fun things amid the crowd. Also known as the festival of lights, this event is purely enticing to witness and participate in. It is magical to watch the sky glow with lanterns floating towards the moon.

The festival is held in different places, but the biggest one is celebrated in Chiang Mai. The good news is that traveling to this city is super easy, and you have no excuse for missing out. You can choose whichever route you wish to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai via bus, minivan, or train, and with reliable sites like Bookaway, your booking gets even easier. 

If you wish to attend the Yee Peng festival, but you are not sure of where to get started or what you should do, this guide is for you.

Book your accommodation in advance

The lantern marks the busiest period of the year n Chiang Mai. Thousands of visitors come here every year to witness the fantastic celebration, and if you do not take advantage and book your accommodation in advance, the chances are that you will miss out. You do not want to be locked out with no place to lay your head after a long night of celebration. If you are traveling from Bangkok o Chiang Mai for the festival, you should stay in the town area to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Be careful when releasing the lantern

The festival is fun, and it is also a great time to unwind and release all the happiness from within. You should, however, remember that there are people around, and you do not want to end up hurting anyone in the midst of having fun. Be careful when releasing the ball of fire as you could be surrounded by flammable material.

Attend the opening ceremony

The only way to have fun and feel the moment is if you witness it from the start to the end. It will do you great if you will be there on the opening night, which is before the full moon. The night is filled with fun activities, all from dance performances, going to the temple, and hanging lanterns on the ceiling. You also do not want to miss out on the coziness of the city filled with candles and decorations.

Go to Nawarat Bridge

This is the perfect place to go if you want to see many lanterns. It is free, and anyone is allowed to through their lanterns from 7 pm to past midnight. Some spots are private, meaning that only a few people are allowed to go in, and they are therefore not the best places to watch from.

You have no excuse for missing the Yee Peng festival this year. It is just a few days to come, and now that you know everything about it, you should start booking your transport and accommodation as early as now.