The island of Malta has a lot going for it- an idyllic setting, superb year-round weather, a booming economy and a very rich culture and history. The stability of Malta’s property market and overall economy offers the type of financial security that most investors are looking for at the moment.

These and other attributes are what make this Mediterranean country a sought-after investment opportunity. And as an international investor from Kenya, you too can now add Maltese real estate to your portfolio. Read on to find out how.


How to buy property in Malta as a Kenyan citizen

Purchasing real estate in Malta comes with a lot of advantages, such as low inflation rates and political stability that won’t place your investment in jeopardy. This is in addition to the fantastic lifestyle that this Mediterranean isle offers, making it the perfect second home for buyers from the Southern hemisphere. Just imagine being able to escape the extreme dry and wet seasons in Kenya for the ever-pleasant climate of Malta.

As a Kenyan citizen, you may invest in Maltese real estate through the country’s ‘Individual Investor Program’. This initiative gives you an opportunity to invest in Maltese property and gain citizenship into Malta for yourself and even your family.

However, you’ll have to fulfill certain prerequisites in order to partake in this opportunity and this includes contributing to the country’s economic development. For example, the investor must be at least 18 years of age or older and must make the following contributions:

  • EUR650 000 to the National Economic and Social Development Fund
  • EUR25 000 for each dependent below 18 years of age
  • EUR25 000 for their spouse
  • EUR50 000 for each dependent that is above 18 years of age

After you’ve met and satisfied the above requirements, you’re free to purchase immovable residential property in Malta to the value of EUR350 000 or more. Alternatively, you may lease immovable residential property to the value of EUR16 000 or more annually.

The third and final prerequisite to buying property in Malta involves purchasing stocks, bonds or debentures from the Maltese government to the value of EUR150 000.


Other property investment opportunities in Malta

If you’re only interested in buying property without the added advantage of becoming a Maltese citizen then you may do so via the AIP purchasing permit. This particular permit was specifically designed for non-Maltese residents that want to purchase property in the country.

The requirements of an AIP permit vary according to the value of the real estate that you want to purchase. Generally, the housing index determines the minimum property value required in order to qualify for an AIP permit. However, this permit has a lot of requirements and a lengthy application process.

Alternatively, you may purchase property in certain real estate developments in Malta that are known as “special Designated Areas” (SDA). SDAs have real estate which can be purchased by non-EU and non-Maltese citizens without the need for an AIP permit.

The process of buying property in Special Designated Areas in Malta is very simple and usually follows these steps:

  • You start by looking for a property you like
  • Get an architect to examine the property structure of the house or apartment for you
  • Negotiate with the seller on the price and selling conditions.
  • Sign a legally binding document that details your agreement to purchase and sell immovable property.
  • Get a notary to analyze the title for you. The notary will also be responsible for putting together a final deed of sale

Just like that, you’ll have purchased property in Malta.


How long does the application process take?

As with any investment, purchasing property in Malta as an international investor will take some time, especially if you’re doing so through the IIP scheme. In most cases, the application alone takes a minimum of six months and a maximum of 24 months. During this time, the relevant government agency will perform a background check on the applicant to make sure that all the necessary conditions have been met.


The best way to purchase property is with the help of a real estate agent in Malta. An experienced agent will help you to find the right property, and they’ll assist you with all the administrative processes that are involved.